EMAIL TEMPLATE: ZOOM link & what to expect (to CLIENT)


• Bride

• Groom (if you have it)

• CC Julie

• CC 2nd shooter

• CC editor


• Email the 2nd shooter and editor separately and CC Julie to let them know that this has been scheduled and tell them the day/times. Tell them you’re about to send this info to the client and will cc them and hope they can make it as it will be really helpful to have everyone on there. If not, it will be recorded so they can watch it later.

WATCH the tutorial on how to create the ZOOM link and also how to format it in the email… VERY IMPORTANT as it usually will not paste correctly!

COPY & PASTE THIS TEXT and make it your own!

Hey _ (clients names)__!

Here is the zoom link for our call on __(day)___ at ___(time in THEIR time zone)___ ___(time zone)___!

{insert zoom link info here}

Here are some things we will be discussing so you’re prepared!

• We want to know who your VIP’s are!! (Guests that will be attending that are super important to you and who you want to show up on the film a lot). BONUS POINTS if you can screenshare photos of them :)

• Are there any surprises we should be prepared for that WILL NOT be on the timeline from your planner? (sorority sisters will be singing a song at some point, surprise toast from uncle Larry, gifts being sent to each other during getting ready, etc)

• What you want the FEEL of the film to be (very romantic? Fun and upbeat? A combo of both?)

• Music! We will want to know what kind of music you guys love and hate (aka genres/bands, etc). We have to license everything so we can’t use any music that you would hear on spotify, etc. but the music we do have access to is really great. you can even check it out prior to our call if you want: Musicbed.com. Typically we like to use music with lyrics when appropriate combined with the instrumental versions but if you have a strong opinion on lyrics, we’ll want to know that too. (bonus points if you have a spotify list of music you guys listen to all the time that you could forward… that would help give us an idea on what you like!)

**A QUICK NOTE ABOUT MUSIC** When thinking about music for your film, many couples tell us “we like the classics… motown and sinatra, etc”. Note that we encourage you to tell us music that you actually listen to on a regular basis… NOT necessarily the type of music that will be played at the wedding. When thinking about it this way, most couples’ go to music is NOT motown or sinatra, etc. We want your film to feel like YOU instead of pairing the music to the EVENT. Since most weddings have the “classics” playing at different points during the day, using these types of songs makes your event feel more like other weddings (since these songs are used A LOT), vs. the unique event it will be!

Thanks so much and see you soon!!


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