…with our new 16mm Scoopic FILM camera!! When I say new, I mean newly modified. It’s a vintage camera that normally shoots in 4:3 (the aspect ratio of regular TV’s before they all became widescreen & HD). We had it fully restored & adjusted and also modified to shoot in widescreen. During the telecine process we then had the footage digitized to full res HD to match the footage we shot w/the 5DmkII. I am so excited about how this turned out and am REALLY excited about filming more weddings in this medium next year. What I love most about shooting in film is that I don’t have to do ANYTHING in post production with the footage! For all of you who know us, you know that we are always trying to get this film look in our videos. The 5DmkII and lots of complicated filtering has helped but nothing can substitute for the real thing :) If you are interested in adding film to your package, please contact us for details asap as we only have the ability to add it to only one event each day. Enjoy this little short from Aimee & Troy’s wedding!!


Found it!! Thanks!!!

Just Beautiful!!! Can you tell me what is the name of this song and by who?..Thanks!!!

You guys did a beautiful job!

Awww I wish I had something like this at my wedding! It is beautiful!!!

What a beautiful couple, I can watch this over and over! I had a pleasure to work with Troy and Aimee at Jessica’s workshop recently…they are a fabulous couple! -Vivian Tran AllMadeUpTeam.com

oh my goodness….I’ve watched this SO many times. Its AMAZING…love the vibe — the vintage appeal. I sooooo wish that we had something like this from our wedding…..*sigh*

the vintage feel is spectacular! its unique and fabulous

Julie! We have watched this over and over! Thank you SO much for blessing us with such beautiful footage. We are forever grateful to you & your team!!

LOVE IT!!!! You guys are amazing!!!

This looks soooooooooo good!


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