Well I’m sitting in JFK right now waiting for my connecting flight to Vegas for the NAB conference (National Assn. of Broadcasters). No… I’m not taking the long way around! I’m on my way back from England where Alex and I spent the last week. We decided to take a trip there for Alex’s Dad’s 70th birthday. Alex grew up in Sheffield (about 2 hours north of London… you know… where the Movie “The Full Monty” takes place) so before we headed up there, we decided to spend 5 days in London. My very favorite city in the whole world! It’s also really special to us because that’s where we net. Anyway, we put out the invite to all of our friends to join us if they wanted, and only Jim Kennedy & his wife Stephanie were brave enough to take us up on it! And man… did we have a great time! We were out of the hotel by 10 am every morning and back late at night. We crammed a lot into the 4 days they were there with us. Mostly just walking around the city and drinking in pubs. It was AMAZING!!! I borrowed a ton of these awesome photos from Jim’s blog, but check out more there :)

What’s awesome about this photo?

And of course the first place we hit was the Apple Store in London (actually we found it by accident) I’m not that obsessed.

On the tube

Outside Hampton Court (really cool old place where Henry the VIII shagged a lot of his wives/mistresses)


Is this a really big fireplace or is Stephanie just really short??

Getting some “air” outside in the amazing gardens

Thanks for the Engagement pic Jim!

Spring in London is gorgeous!

The London Eye… great views from here!

Houses of Parliament



Some Masai Warriors were in town to run the London Marathon (which took place on Sunday)

Hangin around



This photo can pretty much summarize our trip

Stephanie and I discovered the best store ever



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