France has an allure that speaks to even the most selective of connoisseurs. Charming châteaux and wineries in the countryside, lavish private estates on the French Riviera, and fashionable boutique hotels in Paris with magnificent views of the iconic Eiffel Tower are just a few of the incredible venues this enchanting country offers. 

City of Love

What could be more romantic than a wedding in Paris? If you are dreaming of a luxury wedding in the city of love, there is an abundance of magnificent venues to choose from, each with their own unique touch of Parisian charm. From lavish, private mansions with incredible gardens to grandiose hotels with fairytale-like ballrooms overlooking the Eiffel Tower – a chic wedding in the capital of romance will not disappoint!


The allure of having a destination wedding in France expands far beyond the enchanted city of love. The French countryside has some of the most charming villages in all of Europe, each with unique architecture and captivating scenery. 

The most famous castle in the world – the Palace of Versailles – is easily accessible from Paris. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West held their reception dinner at this iconic French landmark during their week-long Parisian celebration.

Many castles are surrounded by vineyards stocked with wines and other noble spirits produced locally such as Champagne, Calvados, and Cognac, making these venues especially attractive to wedding guests as well as honeymooners.

The picturesque castles in the Loire Valley, the beautiful vineyards outside of Bordeaux, and the picture-perfect lavender fields in Provence are the epitome of storybook settings for a romantic wedding. 

The Riviera

The crème de la crème of jetset weddings take place on the fabled French Riviera or 

“Côte d’Azur”. The French Riviera is best known for its first-class hotels, private beach clubs, top-notch cuisine, stunning views, luxury yachts, and a glamorous, yet relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle. 

For those wanting to walk in the shoes of the legendary Coco Chanel should head to Deauville, which is the other French Riviera located on the west coast, approximately 3.5 hours outside of Paris, where Chanel opened its first store. Although not as widely known as the Côte d’Azur, Deauville is an upscale holiday destination famous for its grand casino, horse races, and boardwalk along the wide, sandy beach – the perfect location for a sophisticated wedding.

Ski Chalet

If the thought of having a Paris wedding hasn’t won you over or if a summer wedding in the countryside or on the Rivera is not in your plans, there are still plenty of other, equally incredible venue types available to explore in this diverse country. 

France is the undisputed champion of skiing and is considered to have some of the best snow in the world. The country’s stunning mountains paired with excellent cuisine, and spectacular resorts/chalets make France a perfect destination for a winter wedding.

No matter where in France you choose to say I Do, you can’t go wrong having a destination wedding in this beautiful country. We’d love to capture your “La vie en rose” in la France! Contact Elysium Productions today to start planning!