Tallia and Gil had a gorgeous ceremony and reception at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach. One can see the love these two have for one another throughout this entire film, and with the heartfelt toasts seen in this feature, it’s only natural that everyone loves Tallia and Gil that much also! Jeannie Savage and her fabulous team at Details Details did an amazing job with the planning and coordination of the day and working with Sarah K. Chen is always a delight! Check out Tallia and Gil’s beautiful day here:


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How beautiful!

Beautiful Video! Love you both.

Fabulous wedding and beautiful video. Wishing you a long life together Janice and Bo. Love you guys

Linda and I had a blast! Wonderful wedding and fantastic video!

Too see all of the smiles on the faces of those we loved made the day that much better. Thanks you all for the amazing comments, and for
sharing our special day with us!

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. Lots of love, Stephen & Jo-Ann

It was wonderful reliving your beautiful wedding. See you in August. Love, your cousin Esther

i had a big goofy grin on my face the entire time i watched. congrats again, looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend :)

LOVE the video. Thanks so much for inviting me to be there for this very special day.

Amazing video. . . .

What a wonderful video for a amazing couple!

Amazing video! Wish you both nothing but the best!

Amazing wedding and video!!!!

Great video! Beautiful couple, happy guests, and a wonderful event that I will never forget!

This is a beautiful montage of Janice and Bolaji’s wedding. I wish you both many years of love and happiness.

How absolutely lovely!

Amazing video – I didn’t even notice that many video cameras at the event, but they seemed to capture everything and every angle.

This is by far the most touching, yet entertaining wedding video I’ve ever seen. You two are so beautiful together and this video is a
phenomenal representation of a spectacular event!!!

That video really captured how awesome you guys are!

what a beautiful way to remember such a spectacular day!!!

Great video and spectacular wedding!!!

It couldn’t have been more beautiful and perfect!

So great! Such a beautiful wedding and nicely done video! It was fun to re-live it all.

What an amazing video! Great job on capturing all the beautiful moments of your special day. We are so happy for you!

Beautifully done.

Wow, this was such a beautiful Day! We are so happy for you both!!

What a gorgeous day with a gorgeous and lovely couple!!!

That was an amazing day, and I just cried like a baby all over again! Love you guys!!!

Fabulous video! So beautiful and joyful, just like that unforgettable September day!

Gorgeous! …and SO fun :)

What a beautiful video! It is as lovely as was the day of your wedding. Love you both very much!

Watching your video and re-living such a beautiful day brought tears to my eyes.

Gorgeous Wedding! You both deserve the best! Congrats again!

What a wonderful keepsake to have-loved every minute of it! XOXO:)T

what a gorgeous couple!

Love it! You guys did such a great job! Many thanks!!


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