The first meeting. Andrea and Sean first met on a trip to Las Vegas in August of 2010. Sean was on an after-college-boys-trip, and Andrea and her friend were there for a similar reason. After a rowdy weekend in the desert, Andrea and Sean traveled home to the Bay Area as friendly acquaintances. It took a full year to go by for them to meet again. The place – Las Vegas Pt 2. As fate would have it Andrea’s ride home from the airport had fallen through. Sean jumped at the opportunity to spend some alone time with the girl he knew so little about. Sean was intrigued by Andrea and had to know more. Andrea, impressed my Sean’s driving had her interest peaked. The went on their first date a few weeks later.

Falling in love. After a few dates, they had realized that they had found someone special. After moving to San Francisco in early 2012, the two of them shared countless memories: romantic dates in the City, fun nights out with friends, travelling to music festivals, wine country, Tahoe and Cabo. In 2014 they found a 1 bedroom apartment in the Marina with views of the Golden Gate Bridge and grew even closer together. In May 2015, on a Canova family trip to Los Cabos, Sean surprised Andrea with a ring on her finger. Sean had multiple surprises in store her Andrea as his family had made the trip south of the border to join the couple for a private dinner on the beach. The beautiful night was capped by a firework show under the Mexican sky.

Andrea and Sean both loved the idea of getting married on the Central Coast. Half of Andrea’s family hails from Spain and Santa Barbara is steeped in Spanish history. Sean went to college in San Luis Obispo and has the fondest of memories thinking back to his time spent there. The Pacific Ocean in late summer is the setting of a whimsical day dream. The garden’s at Villa Sevillano could not be more perfect for them to spend their magical evening.


The Team:

Venue: Villa Sevillano
Planner/Designer: Laurie Arons
Floral Designer: Mindy Rice
Photographer: Jose Villa