Videography Budget for An Elopement or Intimate Wedding

Are you planning your elopement and micro wedding? You might be wondering what your budget should look like for videography and we’re here to help.

What should my video budget be if I’m just eloping or having an intimate wedding?

Hiring a videographer is a priority (LINK TO IMPORTANCE OF VIDEOGRAPHY BLOG POST) no matter the size of the wedding. Your video budget for an elopement or intimate wedding should be the same or more than it would be for a normal-size wedding.

A wedding video becomes even more important if you’re eloping or having an intimate wedding because most of your friends and family won’t be there to experience your wedding. Capturing the memories of your special day in a video allows friends and family to enjoy your special day.

Your budget will need to include coverage for any intimate rehearsal dinners with speeches. You may also want to consider having interviews done of both you and your spouse to talk about your relationship and planning your elopement or intimate celebration. While it’s not necessary, these interviews can be looked back on decades from now and a timepiece to show children and grandchildren.

It’s important to remember that just because the wedding is smaller, the way the video is produced doesn’t change. Your videographer requires the same equipment to capture your video and the same amount of time goes into the editing process. 

If you’re having an elopement or mini ceremony, you may also want to consider live-streaming your ceremony so guests can watch from wherever they are. Think viewing parties! Live-streaming can be a part of this videography budget as well.

Videography should be a priority no matter the size of your wedding, but it becomes an invaluable investment for your elopement or intimate wedding. Looking back on your wedding day, you’ll want to remember every detail that a videographer can capture.

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