Something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time now is blog time-lapses!  We usually do at least one (if we have time) on a wedding day.  In fact we’re kind of addicted to them.  Lately we’ve been getting into more motion time-lapses but for now, I wanted to post a quick non-motion time-lapse that we did at a recent wedding in Tuscany!

This one was done at the very end of the wedding night.  I noticed that the stars were super bright because we were in such a remote location.  I definitely wanted to capture the stars moving as the earth rotated but I was trying to figure out a cool foreground to add to the shot.  Then it came to me… those tall lanky Tuscany trees!   There was a path up to the couple’s villa that was lined with these trees so I used them to frame the shot and then let the camera take shots for about an hour and a half.  Each exposure was about 30 seconds, so the end result is about a 6 second stunning time lapse.  enjoy!  (there’s no audio obviously but I will definitely be adding this to the couple’s film!)


one word…… LOVE!

so creative!


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