Wedding Under the Tuscan Sun

April 14, 2014

Lotus and Tony celebrated their wedding under the Tuscan Sun.  They had a quaint wedding with their close family and friends.  Cortona, Italy was the perfect choice with its natural charm and beauty.  

From the bride (ps. this was BEFORE she knew about the surprise fireworks Tony had planned!)
“Tony and I met through a mutual friend, Gary. He suggested to each of us that he thought we might be a good pair. In modern day dating, that means googling their name and checking out Facebook. I love when Tony tells the story and he says how Gary showed him a picture of me and exclaimed unequivocally, ‘Yes, I want to meet her!’

After several favorable email exchanges, we decided to continue our conversations in person. The always chivalrous Tony chose one of my favorite restaurants, AOC, which was just a few blocks away from his home, but very far from mine. Nonetheless, he drove up Laurel Canyon and picked me up like a proper, romantic date. It didn’t take long for us to realize we had similar passions — food, friends, family, food and more food. Not that we needed it, but sharing favorite restaurants was a superb excuse to see each other over and over again.

Bless Tony. He is a producer at work and a producer at heart, so he produced our wedding. Since we had a destination wedding in Cortona, Italy, we were fortunate to find Ben Singleton at Italy Weddings to ease the process. He had access and history with a selection of fantastic vendors. And it wasn’t so hard to get the romantic, Italian countryside feel since Italians in the countryside seem to specialize in romance!”

Watch their wedding under the Tuscan sun below.

The Team:

Venue: Il Falconiere
Wedding Coordinator: Ben Singleton at Italy Weddings
Cinematographer: Elysium Productions

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