This couple was so cute and we so enjoyed working with them! Most of all it was fun to hear their Canadian accents all weekend long – eh! Every Palmilla wedding is unique and special and this couple decided to utilize the biggest villa on the property (it even has a theatre inside!) to host their rehearsal dinner and brunch. It was such a fun event for all their friends and family (although I was jealous that I couldn’t partake in a mango margarita). This was a three camera shoot so we were able to get even more crazy awesome footage than we can with just two so editing their full film is going to be a doozy!


You did a great job capturing the day and how happy they were! What a gorgeous location for a wedding. Great work.

Really wonderful detailed close-up shots. Nice use of music and live sound to express the emotion of the day. Overall, great job. Shooting in Mexico must have been fun.


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