Elegant Outdoor Wedding at Pelican Hill

Athena & Albert’s wedding has been 20 years in the making! But it was well worth the wait as they created an elegant outdoor wedding at Pelican Hill. And having their wedding at Pelican Hill was perfectly suited for their aesthetic of timeless elegance. Speaking of elegant, check out Athena’s gorgeous wedding dress. The day started with a traditional tea ceremony, followed by a stunning ceremony, and then it was dancing under the stars of Newport Coast. Pelican Hill offered Athena and Albert an outdoor landscape to create their elegant wedding. I’m certain there were tons of memories to last another 20 years.

Here’s their story: “Our fathers were high school buddies so Athena and I had met briefly when we were children. However, due to geographic differences (I grew up between the US and Hong Kong while she stayed in Taiwan,) we never really got to know each other until we met again 15 years later.

In 2012, a few years after graduating from college, I visited Taiwan for Chinese New Year and met her again through our families for the first time as an adult. We found that we shared common interests in music and similar philosophies on life and family. We maintained in touch after I left Taiwan. We grew close as I would visit Taiwan every few months and see her. In 2013, it became apparent that the relationship we had was more than friendship. We spent the New Years Eve of that year together. We decided to start dating and became a couple. Over the next four years, we would frequently visit each other and go on trips together. In 2015 she spent 10 months studying English in the U.S. and we would travel around quite a bit. In 2016 I took her to visit my alma mater University of Michigan during homecoming weekend. In 2017 we attended the beautiful Burning Man festival in Block Rock City, Nevada together. In April 2018, we took a trip to Positano, Italy for Athena’s 29th birthday. Right before the birthday dinner, I set up the cameras and surprised her by proposing under the pretense of taking birthday pictures with the view. Luckily, even though Athena thought I was acting strangely nervous, she did not think too much of it, and both the surprise and the proposal were a success!”

Athena wanted beautiful florals, a romantic vibe, and a grand party. Yup, check to all! Don’t forget to check out their video below.

The Team:

Venue: The Resort at Pelican Hill
Planner/Designer: Details Details Weddings and Events
Floral Designer: Bloom Box Designs
Photographer: Callaway Gable

Videography for Pelican Hill Weddings

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