Happy 4th of July!  To honor this great day, I thought I’d share a highlights from a very emotional wedding we filmed last November.  You see, Adam is a Marine and thus a lot of he and Sara’s relationship consisted of long distance phone calls and of course a lot of worry while he was deployed.  What makes this wedding awesome though, is that these two completely share themselves with their guests.  I rarely see this much emotion at a wedding, but I think these two are just so full of love for each other that they couldn’t help but express it.   The groom’s father officiated the ceremony which made it extra special and very personal (you’ll see what I mean).

I personally don’t have any relatives in the military (except for my cousin and my grandfathers who both served) so I’m a bit removed from all of this.  But I have to say… I had major goosebumps shooting this wedding when seeing what a tight-knit group these Marines were.  I definitely got the feeling they would do anything to defend our country and even more than that, protect each other and their families.

I admire you Adam (and everyone that serves) for all you do for us.  And thank you for loving Sara the way you do.  You guys make an incredible couple!!

Venue: Terranea Resort
Wedding Planner: Sophia from The Special Day
Cinematographer: Elysium Productions
Photographer: Joe Buissink
Floral Design: Nisies Enchanted Florist
Hair & Makeup: Stormi Yates
Lounge Furniture: Luxe Rentals
DJ: Richard Blade
Cake/Dessert Bar: Vanilla Bake Shop
Bridal Gown: Badgely Mishka
Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo


I love seeing this. 2.5 years lat and it still makes me cry!

Gorgeous! This is first I have seen of your work and it is amazing!!!


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