Harper's Bazaar has named Elysium as one of the top videography studios in the world!

Below you will find a handful of wedding videos (hint… scroll down to see them all!). These are all real weddings, with real couples, and each one took place at the stunning Sunstone Winery.
We hope these videos can provide you with loads of indispensable inspiration.

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From the bride... "I met Pat 10 years ago at the USC dorms, we were summer roommates while he was doing an internship program at a hospital close-by. We dated long-distance while he completed his degree in San Francisco, he then moved to Los Angeles where we made a life together. We moved to London 7 years into dating and spent 3 years there experiencing a whole new life, meeting new people, and exploring the world. We moved back to his hometown in San Francisco a year ago where we purchased our first home."

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From the bride... "We met at a bar in Brooklyn, NY. I (Charlotte) had been living in Manhattan for several years after making the big move from San Diego, California. It was my first time venturing from Manhattan to Brooklyn for a night out...my girlfriends and I spotted Matt from across the bar because he was taller than everyone and wearing a San Diego Charger's shirt...we called him over to chat thinking he was a fellow San Diegan. I had never seen such a cute guy and had a crush on him immediately. It turns out he had received the shirt as a gift and was not a San Diegan but actually a Queens, NY native. The following week he invited me on our first date to go see the Jimmy Fallon show taping. We had a blast. Not long after that, Hurricane Sandy hit NYC. Between the power outages and our offices being closed, it really brought us closer together as we spent that entire week together. Matt walked across the Queensboro Bridge into Manhattan to see me during the hurricane as all of the subways were closed and cars were not permitted to drive into the city. After that week, the rest is history. We moved in together and have been inseparable ever since."

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Sunstone Winery Weddings Filmed by Elysium Productions