Southern California Venue Spotlight: Dos Pueblos Ranch

April 1, 2021

To put it simply, Dos Pueblos Ranch is not just a breathtaking coastal wedding venue in Southern California. Its history and name date back hundreds of years ago when two different Native American tribes inhabited the bluffs on either side of the canyon. When explorer Juan Cabrillo first landed off the coast in 1542, he named the area Los Dos Pueblos, or “two villages”, and the name has stuck ever since. Since that time, Dos Pueblos Ranch has also been home to one of the world’s largest Orchid farms and is still a working farm to this date, growing avocados and a fruit called Cherimoya. With its expansive property and incredible location, Dos Pueblos ranch is considered one of the top luxury Southern California wedding venues and we feel so lucky to have worked there capturing some really spectacular weddings! 

Spanning over two hundred acres of coastal land in the Santa Barbara area, you can imagine that Dos Pueblos Ranch has more than one breathtaking location for weddings and private events to take advantage of. If ocean views are a must for you, the property offers both a private beach and Ocean Bluff location; perfect for a ceremony by the sea! Reception options include the property’s 100-year-old barn located next to a Sycamore grove and the Historic Casa Grande Estate garden and lawns. Easily transition from an outdoor ceremony to indoor reception by using a combination of these versatile event spaces! If you’re looking to stay overnight on the property the day or weekend of your event, the Historic Casa Grande Estate, which sleeps up to 10 guests, is available for rental as well. Or if you’re looking for a more intimate space to spend the wedding night, Dos Pueblos Ranch also has a three-bedroom beach cottage for up to 8 guests. 

The beauty of Dos Pueblos Ranch is unbeatable and the possibilities for event design are endless! Need more inspiration? Visit our portfolio of wedding videos filmed at Dos Pueblos Ranch HERE!

Photo by Lacie Hansen