Unique SmogShoppe Wedding

April 14, 2014

Theresa and Chris chose the most unique location for the wedding day, the SmogShoppe.  The SmogShoppe with it’s indoor and outdoor space, plants and vertical gardens, and vintage decor and furnishings perfectly reflected Theresa and Chris’s personality.  

From the bride:
“We met at work, where our offices are right next to each other. Things started casually – we’d ask each other questions and bounce ideas off each other. We quickly found that we were a great team and shared a lot of late night laughs. One thing lead to another, and here we are today!

To get ready for the wedding, we basically just followed our instincts and chose stuff we liked. We loved the succulent walls at the SmogShoppe and the “Alice in Wonderland” feeling it has. Once we settled on Smog Shoppe, most things ended up falling into place. Two of our vendors got married at SmogShoppe, and most of them work with the SmogShoppe often. Everyone was familiar with each other, which made the planning process super friendly.

We wanted the wedding to be classic, elegant, a little weird (like us), but most importantly, fun. We put together most of the details ourselves, with lots of help from friends and family. The bow ties were made by our friend’s company, The Accents Shop. The groomsmen’s tuxes were made by a local shop in Long Beach, The Academy.”

The Team:

Venue: Smog Shoppe
Photographer: Sweet Little Photographs
Cinematographer: Elysium Productions

We hope you enjoyed Theresa and Chris’s unique SmogShoppe wedding.  If you are in search of elopement packages, we offer that too.  And we love it!  It’s intimate and personal and we are always up for a new adventure.  Whether your dream elopement is between you and your soulmate or shared with your loved ones, we can stream it live!  Come visit our Elysium Productions elopement wedding page, click here.



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