So excited to share this SDE! Shawna & Anand’s wedding was held at the always fabulous Montage in Laguna. It was a lavish Indian affair with loads of color and great music. I am addicted to Indian events and this one didn’t disappoint! Oscar was there to make the bride even more gorgeous than she already is. Love him! Kim Bradford was on the scene to make sure the day went off just as they planned – she did a great job! My favorite parts of the day were of course the baraat and the plane and banner that flew over cocktail hour (you’ll see it in the video below). Congrats you guys!!

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, she was unrealistic, irrtaional, inappropriate, and over the top. Forgive me if I was unclear, but my point was that your timing in the delivery of this information could have been improved. Even waiting until after she finished her sandwich would have been better than bringing it up immediately after she ordered it. Take away the yelling, the excessive google-searching, and the 5hr first date expectation, and you still put yourself at a disadvantage. Who needs an hour of warning that their date is going to end unless it means you have to stop drinking? You could have done all the right things and handled it with nothing but finesse, and she probably would have reacted the same way because she is crazy. However, replace her with someone more sane, and you still, at the very least, deflated her confidence in how the date was going. My unsolicited advice? If you see no reason to tell them beforehand, wait until there’s a suggestion to move the date to another location, or when you’re winding down to the last 10-15 minutes of your time frame. It’s a lot more natural (and beneficial) to tell your date something to the tune of, I didn’t expect this to go so well, or I totally lost track of time, than it is to tell them that they have an hour before their time is up. Assuming you want a second date, that is. Otherwise, tell them whatever you want.

I would like to say that you guys keep it real.

My wedding was better. It was at the Ritz.

Wow!!! That was the most opulent wedding I’ve ever seen. Very nice everything is so perfect! You two look like movie stars! Congratulations!

Probably the most amazing wedding and wedding video I’ve ever seen! Congratulations Shawna and Anand!

What a phenomenal video! It literally brought the house down at the reception! thank you – cannot wait to see the actual video – it will be ready next week? :)

Enjoyed your wedding video so much and wish you both a lifetime of love, happiness and peace. Fondly, Angela and Sal Polletta (Anna’s parents in CT.)

This is such an amazing video, definitely a great addition to the wedding. Anand is the most beautiful groom I have ever seen!

I cannot get over how cool this is…it gives me the chills every time I see it and it was one of the highlights of the reception! Please don’t ever take the link down because I want to watch it over and over! :)

Thank you guys for doing such a wonderful job catching the most tender moments from my best friend’s wedding. I have showed it to a couple of friends who weren’t there, and all of them said they got chills watching it! Of course I think she’s the prettiest girl in the world, but you captured smiles and expressions that are essential Shawna. THANK YOU!

Our video was a HUGE hit with all our friends and family. Thank you Elysium for the wonderful memories – you will always be a very fond part of our wedding!!!!


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