OK ok… I know I need to blog.  The fact is… I am a horrible writer and feel I can never do these awesome weddings justice!  Plus I just plain don’t have time. But that’s no excuse!

Meet Regan & Josh.  They both are avid travelers (obviously) and met while working together for an airline (handy!) They opted for a romantic and intimate destination wedding in one of their favorite cities in the world… Florence, Italy.  I broke my long time rule and ended up shooting this with one person… as in me, myself, and I.  Let me tell you… I think I burned about 5000 calories that day!  I will never do it again but I am grateful that I was able to capture this couple’s day.  In the end, the film turned out great and it worked because of the help I received from the absolutely lovely wedding planner Silvia Bargagni and the cooperation of the also fantastic photographer Domenico Costabile.  Shooting in several locations with all the DSLR gear – by myself – was definitely challenging.

My favorite part of this day was that even though it rained, we were still able to shoot a little bit at Piazza Michaelangelo which is usually teaming with tourists.  However we were the only ones there that day…. amazing!

The couple’s vows were also super sweet.  They had basically two ceremonies.  A civil one at the town hall which made everything legal, and then a blessing ceremony later that day with their friends and family at the Four Seasons Florence.  The end of the night gave me goosebumps when they went outside and lit lanterns and released them into the sky.  And one may or may not have almost started a tree on fire :)



Julie … AMAZING !!!! You KILLED IT !!!! I’m a wedding videographer and I could/would NEVER attempt anything like this by myself. Kudos to you is not enough … you deserve every accoldade know to man.

Very comfortable and amazing video and like the venue.

comfortable videos and such a wonderful venue.

you are sooo lovely and amazing ;), really great video


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