From the bride:

“We met in college and became best friends for the next year and half. We sat next to each other in a political science class which ended up sparking our great friendship. Josh had tried numerous times to ask me out, but I did not want to compromise our friendship. We both weren’t in the right life stages.

That summer, I headed to New York City for an internship and the second weekend I was there, Josh went out to visit me in the Big Apple. We had a great weekend exploring the city and the NYC nightlife.  Our friendship continued to grow as we talked all summer and then Josie headed off to Spain for the next semester. Even with the great distance, we used Skype to talk as often as we could and on Josie’s birthday that November, Josh was the only person who actually called me in Spain to wished me a Happy Birthday. I was back in San Diego for the holidays and Josh was anxious to see me and flew out for a visit over the winter break.

January found us both back at Colorado State University and our friendship by then was more than casual—the two had become best friends. We found themselves spending as much time as possible together and finally, we both realized that their relationship was deeper than a friendship. So on Valentine’s Day, Josh took me on our first “official” date: a night hike up to Horsetooth Reservoir with a space heater, a bottle of wine, and sushi. The rest is history in the making….”


Venue: L’Auberge Del Mar
Cinematographer: Elysium Productions
Photographer: Kevin Connors
Florist: Adelena Whittaker
Band: Wayne Foster


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