So I have to preface this post with an admission. I am 100% addicted to diet Diet Rockstar (the blue can). I drink one every morning and sometimes will drink another one on the way home from a late wedding. When were in NYC a few weeks back, I could not find Rockstar anywhere and I SWEAR I was going through withdrawls!! What does this have to do with this film you ask? Jason, the awesome groom, is a big-wig at the company. So I was secretly hoping they’d pay their balance in Diet Rockstar but alas, that didn’t happen. HOWEVER… at a precise moment during the reception when the party was hopping, the doors to the ballroom opened and in came the waitstaff with trays of Rockstar Lemondrops!! How cool is that!?? And no… I didn’t drink one (although I wanted to!)

Anyway, this wedding is one for the books. It was just teaming with coolness. I love the couple’s style and how the awesome team of vendors outdid themselves at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The floral designer who incorporated the cool peacock feathers was Sunny & her team at White Lilac and the fabulous planner was Michelle from Details Details. We also had a blast working with the ultra cool Joe Latter who took some rockin photographs that you can view here. All in all, a memorable wedding for sure! Check out their full Arthouse film:

Elysium Productions: Contemporary & Stylish Wedding Video in Orange County & Beyond!


you guys are insanely talented :)

Julie, thank you for creating this masterpiece for us. We were absolutely thrilled to work with Elysium! You guys ROCK!!!!


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