First of all, when you click “play” below, you must turn the volume up FULL BLAST.

This wedding had so much energy and it was such a blast to film.  In short, it was a GIGANTIC party.  The day started with a touching Catholic ceremony at the couple’s parish in Rancho Santa Margarita.  Then it was back to the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel  for the Persian ceremony and the reception.

All of this of course took a lot of logistics and planning – especially with all the details and big guest count.  Good thing Alicia from Details Details was the one coordinating everything!  The decor was ridiculously beautiful and unique thanks to Fiori Fresco (love the reflective dance floor!!) For the entertainment we were forced (being sarcastic here) to listen James Gang and Mike Soltani – crazy awesome DJ.   Basically the reception rocked.  And the photographer?  Well that was the awesome Samuel Lippke of course.   If you follow my instagram acct you’ll see an awesome pic I took of him photographing the couple down at the beach.


This was a beautiful, fun, romantic night. You totally captured it in the video. Thank you for sharing. I loved watching & re-living this most beautiful wedding. Congratulations to a wonderful couple!!! love, Fati


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