Check out these two rockstars. Rebecca & Kevin (mainly Kevin LOL) did a great job with the lyrics to one of my favorite songs ever!! As you probably know by now if you read our blog often, this is a special type of SDE where the couple gets to perform a few times during the day, and then we roll out this music video to their guests during the reception. As per the usual, they are always blown away by this unexpected surprise!

Rebecca & Kevin’s day wouldn’t have been so effortless without the amazing team that they brought together including Sophia from the Special Day (awesome coordinator), Kristi Klemens (fabulous photographer), Mille Fiore (super gorg flowers), and Peter (to spin the tunes). Thanks for allowing us to be part of the fun guys! Now off to ebay to sell your autograph…


Videos like these are always fun. I wish I could get my clients to do something like this. It’s very unique to clients to have.


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