Ok ok.  So I’m still behind in blogging.  Like REALLY behind.  But finally I have a fast internet connection (long story) and a few minutes to write this!

This wedding was stunning.  Not only did it take place at one of our very favorite venues in the desert (the Parker Palm Springs), but we were able to work with a really great planner (Cathy O’Connell of Celebrations of Joy) and a cool photography team (Mi Belle).  We had never worked with either before and we were VERY pleasantly surprised!  The floral design by Maggie Jensen was also insanely gorgeous!

Gary & Katie were super chill on the big day.  They were surrounded by a group of close family & friends (Gary’s friends kept us entertained… they were hilarious!)  One of their friends officiated the ceremony and he was great!  He definitely has a future career if he chooses to pursue it and he made the ceremony so incredibly personal.  It was touching to witness.

And a last note.  You’ll see a lot of shots taken around the Parker in this Same Day Edit.  Literally.. we don’t run out of places to shoot at this venue.  The landscape and design are so interesting and it creates such a relaxing and romantic environment.  I’ve never stayed there before, but need to plan a weekend getaway soon!  (Oh wait… I’m kinda busy every Saturday. Ok… midweek!)

Congrats again to Katie & Gary!  You guys rock!


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