Paradise.  It’s a word that’s often visualized but not often realized… until you visit this property.  For some reason every time we shoot at the One & Only Palmilla in Los Cabos, Mexico, it allows us to escape and truly be embedded into their relaxing environment and the vibe of the wedding we are there to film.  It’s the perfect place for a wedding because it makes you feel like there is nowhere else in the word to be except for right in that moment at that place.

Cynthia & Gil’s wedding was a stunner.  We love working with the fantastic Palmilla staff and Elena Damy Floral & Event Design who always do an outstanding job.  Most most of all, we loved working with this lovely couple and their little girl.  Cynthia & Gil are super romantic and we had a blast filming their three days of festivities.  Here are the highlights from just the wedding.

Music licensed through The Music Bed


There’s not more perfect a word than beautiful!


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