This is a video you have to see to believe! Nicole and Steve are a super fun and creative couple who wanted to add an extra special touch to their wedding day. There was not a guest, family member, or person in the wedding party who knew about this awesome surprise! Mariner’s Church in Irvine was the ceremony location and where the surprise was revealed, guests then traveled to Turnip Rose for the fun-filled reception. Chenin Boutwell did an amazing job photographing the day and Square Root did an exceptional job with the floral design. Check out Nicole and Steve’s Concept Video…


share this wonderfully fun wdideng with you all you may remember katie & nick from their engagement session (in which they laughed the whole time we did too!). they picked an amazing day in september

Brilliant and hilar! We have watched this many times and it never gets old. You are naturals on camera…VERY funny. What an amazing keepsake. It’s almost as good as being there.


We’ve watched this more than once and loved it every time. How creativeof each of you to produce such an amazing video while planning a wedding at the same time. If you decide to quit your day jobs…

Thanks for sharing the video with us, was very enjoyable and memorable…wish the best for the happy couple!!

Congratulations Steve and Nicole! Great work.

Nice to see a great idea to something that is so traditional.

Nicole, I’m addicted to watching you rap in the car lol. Brilliant!

Great editing and a star-studded cast. Congrats and all the best!!!

Love this video! Very funny. Congrats Steve and Nicole!

Excellent! How creative! Congrats!

LOVE IT and love you two too.

Very creative! Got to love them!

What a great idea! That was classic! One-of-a-kind! Have a great life together :)


That was hilarious!! What a fun way to start the rest of your lives together.

Two stars are born (best video we’ve seen in a long time). Best wishes and good luck.

That’s was awesome Nic! You look great on camera…your next career move should be to Hollywood! =) Love that you filmed some of it in HB. I miss HB! Congrats again girly!! Wish you the best!!

I just came across your work! Love it! Please let me know if you’d ever like a feature one our site!

Great video. Very creative content and the editing was excellent.

Such a great video and fun wedding. All the best.

I still think Italy was some inspiration…. lol

If the video was an hour of Nicole “rapping,” watching that would be an hour well spent…Daddy Mac made me want to jump jump.

Could this handsome man be the Steve I knew at West HIgh? And, what a gorgeous, theatrical bride! You two are so creative. Congratulations, and best wishes for a long and happy marriage.

Hilarious and very sweet. Congratulations.

This outta be on you tube!

What a great way to kick off an incredible creative, beautiful and fun ceremony and reception, loved it!

I can see nothing will stop you. I’m sure you will undertake the real life problems with the same humor! Best wishes.

very good start ,looks like you know how to share tasks. Congratulations!!!!!

Gets funnier every time I watch it, you guys did an amazing job!

It was a great video and very funny. I even saw my dad!

love, love the video! what a fabulous way to kick off the wedding day!

Love it!! Super cute and fun!!

Hey Nicole & Steve: We knew we had smart neighbors but your video reveals the hidden talents you’ve been hiding from us way too long. We now know which guy on the block not to ask to borrow tools from………and if we ever need a tow truck, we can count on Nicole to push our car home. With Steve steering, we can trust you guys! What’s important is that you got to the wedding in spite of all the obstacles, and you both cleaned up pretty good, too. Individually, you guys are beyond talented, but together you two are awesome & brilliant. Thanks for the masterpiece entertainment that surpasses any video out there!

So funny and creative, Nicole and Steve! We laughed the whole time :)

WOW that is awesome! LOVE IT!!!! Congrats you two…what a unique idea!

This was freakin awesome!!!

What a creative and smart way to begin life together. Thanks for making your wedding a truly spectacular event to be remembered forever. Love Mom and Dad

Great video

What a really cute idea! Great job in both concept and editing!

I love this video! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. It was an amazing wedding. I wish you both a lifetime of laughter and joy. In the meantime, I will go to the local preschool to find pictures of hammers/wrenches/saws so Steve can practice learning his tools and what they each do.

This video was fun, and it showed the couples humor and understanding of one another.

Thanks for sharing Jane, this video will go viral for sure! Fabulous concept and execution!

Creative and funny, good job guys! & Congratulations!

Real creative and great idea…Congratulations !

Nicole’ and Steve’s creativity never ceases to amaze me. It was truly a wedding to remember.

great video, really well done by all people involved.

Adorable! What a great idea!!! Looks like a very fun couple! :)

Who knew those mild mannered exteriors hid such comedic talent?! You guys are such a great team and I know will have a lifetime of laughs and love together… Congratulations! We were so blessed to a part of it!


Hilarious!!! Loved this video to pieces!

What a great video! Congratulations!

This is super great!

What a fun way to celebrate your wedding. Steve I thought you were more of a dramatic actor but I see you can pull off a comedy too.

Great video-very creative!

Wow! great concept – musta been tired after all that work! I can attest to the fact that Steve’s acting abilities have pretty much stayed flat since his days of starring in some training videos :)

This was so unique and creative. It was an amazing way to start a wedding. I loved it and couldn’t stop laughing! Glad I was able to see it again.

Great video! What a hoot! May the marriage be this much fun!

Very cute video!! Great ideas.

Too funny…you guys should quit your day jobs and move to Hollywood!

I think we were all surprised when the projector screen popped up :) The video was adorable!!

What a creative & fun way to begin your married lives together! Blessings to you both!

Hi Nicole & Steve – Sorry for not being able to be there, but the movie showed that it was not only a special day, but featuring very special super stars. Have a great life, and just make it your own special movie. God bless & lots of love. Barry & Iwona

Congrats! We are sorry we missed seeing this live! We heard all about it and so glad we got to finally see it. It was awesome, so funny, and super creative! Nicole, your a natural on camera!! Congratulations again!

Congrats Steve, the video was great. Looks like you two are made for each other.

Well Done guys !!! It was such an enjoyment to watch. You are both very good actors and should head to Hollywood. All the very best for your future life together :-)

Congratulations! Many years of love and happiness!

I have tried to explain this to people and I’m so glad they can now see what I was talking about! I was sitting there starting to worry when everyone was in place but no Steve!! What a joyful and moving wedding….I’m so glad and honored that I was there!! Love ya..

I’ve been to many weddings and Steve and Nicole’s wedding was the ultimate. Besides the traditional aspect, they provided pure entertainment throughout the ceremony and the reception. This video was the BEST. I’ve told friends what a fantastic wedding it was and they are somewhat envious that they missed out on such a grand occasion. Thank you over and over again Steve and Nicole. You really outdid yourselves!!!

Very entertaining!!!!!! Congratulations on your wedding.

Hey everyone! Thx so much for the props! Just so you know… this was ALL Nicole & Steve’s idea!! they are super awesome :)

Great video! And life just gets more fun all of the time!

You both are totally cute together. Long live your marriage!

Amazing video- most creative way to start a wedding ever!!!

Fabulous! What a unique touch! Oh you kids!

Hey!!!!!!!!!!!! You missed the best part……….I wanted to see the bride walk in. Booooooooooo

great video – good luck to the happy couple!

It was great!!

We loved it! Now I want one too!!! ;-)

I have never seen anything like that!

Too funny…may you have many years of happiness.

Nicole, this is awesome and I am still laughing. Great idea! Now I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. Beth forwarded everything. Best wishes to you and Steve, Jackie

Nic, I just about died whenSteve suggested that he steer and you push :-)

Loved it… So creative and fun. Really set a good vibe for the wedding. Very you and Steve. Tried to explain it to some friends, but can’t fully unless you see it. Glad they will be able too. Nicole, you missed your calling….

I have never had so much fun st a wedding. So perfect to have started the ceremony with this, especially by this couple who are so much in Love. I was laughing so much

too cool, man!!!

best wedding entertainment ever! My sides hurt from laughing…so glad I could be there…now record my “getting ready for the holiday party”…LOL

Congratulations on tying the knot. Hope you win the prize.

OMG wish I was there. Great work and the bride and groom looked so cute too!

This was the best—–made everyone laugh!

What an awesome video! They are truely unique! I can’t even imagine the thought of everything else that happened at the wedding…

What an amazing video…….what a great way to start the beginning of your lives together…and you both looked so calm through it all……Best wishes to the both of you

That is one great video!!! Great way to start a wedding…

So funny! Loved it!

Spectacular beginning for a spectacular couple. It was amazing!!

That was hysterical!!!!! If that is how the wedding started, I can’t imagine how it ended. Congratulations.

What a wonderful surprise! An incredible start to a beautiful wedding!

Love it! Nicole & Steve you did an amazing job. I smile whenever I think about the entire day/night.

That is one great concept!

The most amazing wedding ceremony I have ever seen! What an incredible intro… just as good the 2nd time around. Great job!

This was an amazing video. When the screen came down I thought we were going to see the both of you via satelite from Vegas. I’m so glad we witnessed the ceremony live :)

1 vote for best all-time video at a wedding. Wait…that’s the frist time I’ve ever seen a video at a wedding. Classic and Brad and I were cracking up the entire time! (The groom was definitely holding back the bride…but keep him around for his good looks)

BEST wedding video ever thanks to the BEST cinematographer ever!!!!!

Best video ever!!!! I said it a thousand times at the wedding but only my sister and Steve would do something like this! Love love love it

Awesome video. I told a bunch of people about this video/wedding already. So glad they will be able to see it for themselves!


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