So I kind of love this couple.  I’ve known Ally for years since she’s also in the “wedding biz”.  I knew the wedding would be amazing since we’ve filmed two of her brother’s weddings.  I also knew it would be amazing because of their story.  And I wasn’t disappointed. From the bride:

“We grew up a block away from each other and have run in the same circles for most of our lives. Steven was a Senior in High School when I was a Freshman, and my brother Scott was a Senior when Steven was a Freshman. Scott used to take Steven out and corrupt him. :) Scott and my other brother, Eric, even were the DJs for Steven’s Bar Mitzvah!  I also coached Steven’s little sister in soccer when I was in high school.  We have a TON of overlapping friends: Steven’s friend Adam (a groomsman) has a little sister named Stacy, who happens to be my best friend (and maid of honor). Steven & I also introduced our other best friends (Nicole–Bridesmaid and Steve–Best Man) and they got married a few years back. Our parents have similar friends, and our lives are pretty intertwined. Everyone at our wedding knows each other. We started dating when I was a Freshman in College and Steven was a Senior. We were both home over winter break and ran into each other while being young and irresponsible in Hollywood. Then, that summer, we officially started dating and were in a long-distance relationship the following year. Then, during my Junior year of college at Washington University in St. Louis, Steven enrolled at WashU for Law School. We endured the long-distance once again when I  moved to New York for Grad School. After I graduated, I moved home. We have been living together ever since. After Steven passed the bar, and completed a stint at CAA in the TV Talent Department, he also started working with me at Bob Gail. We have been dating since December 2004 and we have been in love for the entire time. We knew pretty early that this was a serious thing going in a specific direction, so our wedding has been a long time coming.”

Venue:  Ojai Valley Inn & Spa
Wedding Designer/Planner/Florist/Coordinator:  The bride & the team at Bob Gail Events
Photographer: Elizabeth Messina
Hair: The Studio Agency
Makeup: Makeup Therapy
Rentals: Found Vintage Rentals, Casa de Perrin, Form Decor, La Tavola Linens, Classic Party Rentals, Town & Country, Designer Event Rentals
Paper Goods: Lilly & Louise & Pitbulls and Posies
Calligraphy: Laura Hooper
Carpet: American Turf & Carpet
Lighting: Peterson Lighting


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– I just stumbled acsros your blog from style me pretty blog. I love your stuff and how good is balast pt park! that place is endless possibilities and you made great use of it. I’ll be keeping a close eye on your work for sure.September 6, 2011 5:41 pm

Ally and Steven’s wedding was truly such a beautiful day. Julie, amazing job capturing this collection of special moments!

So darn good, I cried just like I did when you walked down the isle. Love you!! Julie, you did a brilliant job. xoxoxo Cat


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