Ok… where do I start with this one.  I love love love this couple.  I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them too when you watch this film.

This wedding was absolutely an event to remember.  Not only did it take place in the Bahamas, but it brought together a great crowd of friends and family who all had a great time.  I just love how destination weddings bring people together for more than just one day.

Leot is super creative and quite the planner.  The cocktail hour decor was incredible… four different color palates with different themes.  And of course there was a “green” area complete with putting green and big letters L & V – just like a mini golf course!  The amount of time and attention to detail that went into this three day event was just mind boggling.

Love you to pieces Leot & Vaughn!!  Thanks for allowing us to be part of your wedding weekend!!


Venue: One & Only Ocean Club – Paradise Island, Bahamas

Photographer:  Shane Macomber (Absolutely loved working with him!)

Floral Designer:  Cacique International

All three wedding gowns:  Monique Lhuillier (the last dress was completely re-designed by the bride and so fun!!)

Bride’s shoes: Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, and Jerome C Rousseau

Groom’s Tux & Evening Jacket:  Tom Ford



first off.. thank god there is video of the wedding ;) but youre so beautiful in so many ways and this wedding just shows how beautiful you and vaughny t are together. even after all these years you are still my hero and only you could pull off such an amazing wedding and amazing husband. i watch this video like 5 times a week and now it just makes me so happy..especially when im feeling down. now start making babies so i can be auntie limor ASAP! i love you both very very very much and cant wait for all of the future happiness yall will have and i will be able to witness/be apart of.

ps.. you know your planning my whole wedding right?

So, very beautiful…the setting, the details and the love Vaughn & Leot have for each other. Enjoy each and every day together…forever! Much Love to you both, The French Family

What a wonderful video!!! Filled with so much Love and Laughter! I love you both so very much and May God Bless your marriage today and always. Love one another with all your heart and soul.Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your FOREVER. Love Always, Mom

We’re so very happy to hear (and see) that you have married. This video is absolutely beautiful, and we hope for you many years of this same beauty in your marriage. God Bless both of you. Next time you’re home, we’d love to meet your bride. And, Johnny says he needs to take you out on the greens to remind you how to play real golf. Hahaha!

Best Wishes,
Big John & Ms. Brenda

AMAZING! Utterly speechless! SO happy for the both of you! Cried watching this video! Hope to meet your new bride in Augusta one day! Miss you!

The Toole Family

Stunning video!!! I am so happy for you both and wish you many years of happiness.

As you both know, I was desperately disappointed when I couldn’t attend your very special day, however this video allowed me to have a glimpse of what I can only imagine was absolutely breathtaking in person. I would not have expected anything less then perfection from Leot and this stunning video is a tribute to her always impeccable taste and style. Such a treat to be able to view this, and I will cherish it forever. SIMPLY FLAWLESS in every way.

Wow, to say that an amazing wedding would be an understatement…words can’t describe it. My brother found the person that makes him complete! And yes,props to Elysium you did an amazing job! Now that we have an anniversary within a few days of each other we can celebrate it every year in Atlantis! Chad

Congratulations to a beautiful couple. What a magical day it seems you had. I wish you both the best.

What a beautiful day and such wonderful memories you will share thru the years with all your family and friends and one day with your children. For them to see the love you had for each other on your special day will be a gift to them. I’m so thankful that I was a part of it all and hope I will be part of your “forever” too. I love you both more than you will ever know and wish you all the happiness you both deserve. Love forever and a day…Mother

What a beautiful and unique video!!! Absolutely amazing! Love to both of you!

This is such an amazing video that only begins to capture what an amazing event it all was! And to think that I was a part of it means more to me than you will ever know! I love you both and can’t wait to be a part of your “forever”, too!

OMG! I am speechless…this is the most incredible thing I have ever seen! Leot and Vaughn, you make the most beautiful couple in the world! Love you both and I’ll be watching this video for years to come, to remember the most unforgetable weekend of my life!

What a beautiful couple and a very special week. We love you both and the video looks amazing!
XOXO Chad and Ashley

What a beautiful video. You really captured the essence of the wedding. Amazing!


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