Saturday morning saw me down at Salt Creek Beach bright and early for Nikki and Matt’s “Dash to the Altar” 5K run. Matt has been a keen runner all his life and wanted to incorporate running into the wedding day and encourage all his friend and relatives that don’t exercise regularly to come out and join them. I love it when clients build in personal touches to their wedding day…always gives us a unique perspective from which to film. They’d made T-shirts for everyone and handed out prizes and water bottles to the 50 or so people that showed up. The runners were fun to shoot and I particularly enjoyed watching the reactions of onlookers to the sight of ‘WonderWoman’ and ‘Remote Control Man’ jogging along the course. The race was tight but Matt took first place in a sprint for the finish!!

Then we headed off to the Ritz-Carlton for a short break…thanks to Grandfather Stan for letting us commandeer his bedroom and turn it into ‘Same Day Edit’ Mission control. The rest of the day went off without hitch under the expert guidance of coordinator Jill Watson and Joel from Eckman Maus and I had fun exchanging competitive banter throughout the day as we grabbed a catalog of wonderful images. Check them out on his blog…I think they are fantastic!

Joe Thornton DJ’d and had the dance floor packed all night. Marcia Johnson made the room look beautiful with her floral talents. All in all a great day with a cool couple and a great team of professionals. Thanks to Nikki and Matt and their families for allowing us to be a part of it and making us feel so welcome!



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