Before I head home for the day I wanted to blog this Arthouse Edit! We filmed two days of Naseem and Shaffiq’s multi-day event. It was so beautiful and they were so fun to work with! This was a very different Indian wedding for me with many traditions I had never seen before. That’s why I love weddings… each one is so unique!! Of course my eyes were glued to Naseem’s sari (when I get to wear one? They are so beautiful!) We were able to work with our dear friend Paul Gero who took some seriously gorgeous photographs. Check out his blog because he actually covered all four days of their event. We had amazing light at the Diamond Bar Center for the formals on the wedding day and got some great stuff! Of course my favorite part of an Indian event is the dancing. I love the music and I love how EVERYONE is on the dancefloor till the very end!!


We LOVE how this turned out! Julie, you and your team did an *amazing* job of bringing it all together beautifully! We just keep watching it ;-) Thank you so much for capturing our special days so well

Simply stunning. I’m loving the second shot. I keep starting it over just to see it again and again. Beautiful stuff!


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