Montage Laguna Beach Wedding // Devon & Randy

November 11, 2014

Talk about a fun and fantastic couple!!!  Absolutely adore these two :)

From the bride:

“When we met.. I knew “love at first sight” actually existed… Our first date (a local sushi spot) was so amazing. I don’t really
remember the food.. Just my amazing date. Sitting to my right. Every time i looked at him, I had trouble not grinning, giggling
and turning bright red. I just felt so safe and happy all at once. Randy makes me feel like this all the time, it’s hard to remember
feeling any other way. He kept smiling too.. I remember thinking is it possible he understood and felt the exact same way? So
surreal and awesome! Our first date lasted 3 weeks, until I had to leave town for a family event, and then, 4 days later, our date
continued. We have so many laughs, so many inside jokes, he is my soul mate. We dance, play, drag race, “feast”, party,
workout, travel, love our rescues… All while smiling and laughing together. The perfect man for me, I couldn’t imagine it was
real – he is real!! And I’m so excited he wants to spend his life with me too- I feel so lucky! 

I wanted a fairy tale wedding -dripping in sparkles and pink. I knew it HAD to be at the Montage. But most importantly, Randy and I love to dance and we love energy — so that is what we wanted in our wedding. We wanted to feel like it was a huge party for everyone, with tons of dancing, laughter and fun. I personally am very high energy and Randy balances me out -he is calm and relaxes me, but can party with the best of them! I wanted a planner for our wedding to be kind of like Randy – calming but still really fun. I knew I would be spending a lot of time with my planner and I needed that type of energy around me. Paula was that for me – a true delight that relaxed me but still had the excitement I wanted to see. Paula introduced me to her vendors of choice, based on our discussions and I really clicked with them (I knew that if Paula liked them, I probably would too!)”

The Team:

Venue:  Montage Laguna Beach
Wedding Planner:  Paula Laskelle
Photographer  Marianne Lozano
Cinematographer:  Elysium Productions
Floral Designer:  Nisie’s Enchanted Florist
Hair & Makeup:  Design Visage
Band:  West Coast Music – James Gang

soundtrack: “minutes from somewhere” by moonlit sailor // licensed through themusicbed


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