Today’s guest blogger is Helen! Wait till you see this Asian inspired decor. Totally gorgeous and a super sweet couple to boot!

Life is love, love is life, and I live life to the fullest with my love….Alex! Alex is a graphic designer with a passion and talent for tennis and photography. I loved my career in business and real estate law, but my ultimate calling is a caretaker. I love to help and give; I give with all my heart to fill my losses and voids in life.

Alex and I met through a mutual friend and remained good friends for many years. We finally connected at the most awkward time in my life. It was an unfortunate time for me to lose my mother and I had an emergency medical condition. I was recovering at the USC Norris Hospital when God sent me an Angel. Alex visited me every day, several times a day. I was at my worst moment, but Alex felt a need to care for me. We grew closer as friends, and Alex revealed that he fell in love with me in the hospital.

We care for my father that has Parkinson’s disease for 20 years. During a Parkinson’s seminar cruise, Alex proposed at the top of the ship. The both of us agreed that our wedding should be close to water since the proposal was in the middle of the ocean.

I wanted a wedding that represented comfort, peace, and harmony. What better place than The Montage Laguna Beach….it was perfect! Ok, the venue was picked, the dressed was picked, and I didn’t know where to start with wedding details. Next I found Michelle Weita from Details Details. Michelle was my savior; she helped me with every little detail for my wedding. She found the most fun and talented designer, florist, photographer, event filmmaker, make-up artist, DJ, and musicians for me. Michelle made and sat through all the appointments with me, thanks Michelle!

I wanted to treasure every moment for my wedding day, it was important that I share this with family and friends. Alex from Elysium Productions captured exactly what I was looking for, and I didn’t notice that he was there. My wedding was an Asian inspired time capsule that took you back in ancient gardens, backyards, temples, and palaces. It was a place of history for the younger generation, and a feel for childhood memories and home for the elders. Elysium amazed me with the video; I was stunned with the wonders of a camera and the people behind the production. The music along with each clip shed tears in my eyes, as I watched my father smile at me. He was pleased and grateful that his little girl’s dream wedding came true.

The wedding was perfect, everything was beautiful; the guests enjoyed the food, entertainment, ambiance, and service. I will treasure the moment that my father walked me down the beautiful garden of love as he waved his hands up high to signify his happiness; and as he embraced Alex when he gave me away.

Special thanks to Michelle Weita, Christopher Aldama, Jaime Puffer, Patty Burns, Aaron & Jen Delesie, Alex & Julie Hill, Kyle Simon, Richard Kang, Zhiming Han, Jeff Holmes, Joyce Luck, Lynn Wang, and Alhambra & Pasadena Furniture Mart for adding another chapter of happiness in my life.

by Helen

Elysium Productions: Stylish & Contemporary Wedding Video in Orange County and Beyond!

Venue, Caterer, Cake: Montage Laguna Beach
Wedding Planner: Michelle Weita
Event Décor, Florist, Linens, Lighting, Draping: Christopher Aldama
Photographer: Aaron Delesie
Professional Filmmaker: Elysium Productions
Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception Band: Chinesemusic.us
DJ: Jeff Holmes
Hair and Makeup Artist: Joyce Luck
Invitations, and other Paper Goods: Lynn Wang
Antiques & Furniture: Alhambra & Pasadena Furniture Mart
Wedding Dress and Veil: Eve of Milady
Groom’s Suit and Bridesmaid Dresses: J. Crew
Tuxes: 2000dreams.com
Officiant: Richard Kang


Helen, what a beautiful wedding! Your dresses were beautiful as well! Everything was so pretty. It looks like you have a wonderful man in your life now and may you both be blessed together. I saw some wonderful faces in there that I haven’t seen in so long like your grandma, your uncle James, Gene and of course your dad! Tell them all I said hello. Your special day looked amazing! I’m sure your mom was looking down so proud with a big smile on her face :-).
Thanks for sharing

It was a beautiful wedding, the best ever. I loved the video, I watch it over and over again.

This video shows a story book wedding. It’s full of romance, love, beauty and culture.

This is the best wedding video I ever seen. It’s so amazing and beautifual.

Sorry I missed your wedding, I was in HK. Thank you for sharing your video. I love you and your family.

Wow, Wow, Wow!!! Alex & Helen, thanks for inviting me to the wedding. The day was full of surprises, and your video is awesome. I can’t wait for the second party.

Oh my, your wedding day was so beautiful. I can’t believe the video, it’s your wedding day in a short version. It’s perfect for the people that missed it, like Wendy.

Dear: Helen and Alex, congratulations to the both of you. The wedding was beautiful and original. Your mom would be very proud of you, she loved you very much. The video shows all your happiness and love. Much happiness to your future.

It’s a beautiful wedding!

Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, beautiful video – I guess it only makes sense.

very nice and beautiful event….. one of the best captured here in this video……. had a great time and proud to had been there

The video was just breath taking. Everything was picture perfect! You looked amazing Helen! and your father, so adorable; watching him walk you down the aisle brought tears to my eyes.

the video looked great and the whole wedding is something you captured for life. Almost makes me want to do it all over again after watching your wedding.

Congratulations, Alex. May you and your wife have a long, happy, healthy life together!

Watching the video gave me a better idea of who you married, Alex. Helen is beautiful inside and out, and she loves God, which is most important. I am sorry I missed such a beautiful wedding, but this video made me feel as if I was there. I was sorry to have missed all of the entertainment and good food as well as the loving feeling there was at the wedding. I could feel it watching the video. Alex, you have always been a very nice person even when you were my student. I am so happy you found such a wonderful woman, and she is lucky to have you. I hope to be able to meet Helen one of these days. Her father looked really happy. All my love and best wishes.

From the day I saw this video of my wedding, can’t seem to stop watching it over, over, and over. It’s absolutely unforgettable. I love the way this video edited and it made us look really good as well:)

My beautiful precious Helen, I’m very proud to of you. You’re a smart and sophistacated young woman. The video reveals your family values and love for your guest. All the details of your wedding was well planned to perfection. This is the best wedding movie ever. The story, music, quality, clarity is top notched. You picked the best video company for your memories. Congrats to you and Alex…..you’re a beautiful couple.

I was at the wedding and it was absolutely beautiful! This video brings out the the beauty and love during the entire party. For those of you that missed the celebration, the video says it all. A true family of love and respect.

What an amazing wedding, Looks like a lot of fun and the theme was the best one I’ve ever seen :)

Best wedding I’ve ever seen! everything was amazing about it;; Loved being in it as well! SUCH A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING!<3

What an absolutely fabulous journey through beauty, romance, sincere love, and joy!! Your video will become an occasional respite to relax and reflect in many days to come. An absolutely gorgeous wedding for an absolutely gorgeous couple – but really, more of a family. You, your Dad, your Sister, “Uncle” Gene, Tracy, Annie, Nick, “Tufu” – I love you all!! I thank you for the opportunity of knowing your wonderful and loving family. Hey – you guys are a treat!!! Helen, your white gown was so gorgeous and romantic, but the brown, traditional reflecting your mother’s era, to me, seemed regal and rich. A beautiful choice. With love and God’s blessings to you and to Alex

Dearest Helen and Alex, what a memorable day!! that being said i was only a guest. i can only imagine how you both must feel!

seriously one of the most beautiful weddings i’ve ever been to and i’m an event planner!



Everything that day was beautiful! Thanks for including us!

What a beautiful video!~ I can’t take my eyes off of it. It really captures all the intricately planned details of your unforgettable wedding.

Beautiful video, I can’t stop watching this over and over and over again. I especially like the guy who speaks a lot and toast the royal couple!

Thanks for the invite and sharing this special video. Felt like I was there re-living every moment of that spectacular day. It was truly unbelievable and awesome.

Elysium – Thank you for bringing the art of film to my wedding video. Absolutely amazing and breath taking! Each time I watch the video, I feel as I’m a bride all over again. You captured the most vibrant details and heart felt moments….all the way down to a simple smile. A combination of all these memories will last a lifetime.

The wedding (and the video) has truly done justice to capturing the essence of such a wonderful couple. Helen and Alex wrapped themselves with a closely knit blanket of family and friends to celebrate the start of an epic, their life together. Truly a fairy tale wedding.

By far the most beautiful and lovely wedding I have ever seen. Great atmosphere, the theme, decorations, view, music, performance, foods and most importantly the wonderful couple, Alex and Helen, have certainly made this wedding a memorable one.

Amazing video of your wedding! Helen, you look stunning! Thx for sharing with me! All the best!

The most beautiful wedding, truly breathtaking, an honor to be part of this special moment! The video was amazing… It felt like watching a movie.

Wow is all I can get out of my mouth right now Helen!! What a great way to start my week! Your wedding was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen, better than any I have seen on TV! I still have goose bumps, many tears and chills after seeing your Father walk you down the aisle and dancing with you. The look on both of your faces is just priceless.

Helen- You are such a beautiful Bride!! I will cherish my time working with you and Alex on the planning of your wedding. What an amazing day! – Jaime

I’m trying to find the words, because it brought out every emotion. Wonderful.

OMG! This is fantastic. Wish we were there to witness, but this is just as good! All the best,

It is a great video, with a beautiful wedding, and wonderful people. The music was perfect and it helped convey the emotions of the time. Can we do it all again. It was fun=)

This video was awesome, well done! It truly captured everything. Everything was beautiful. We used Elysium for our wedding video too and Alex and Julie are the best! :)

What a fantastic video! This is something that you will now be able to share with your kids and grand children. A beautiful family heirloom has been created with this video. It was such an honor to have been your DJ and to have the chance to share in such a special day in your lives. I’m humbled and honored. All the best to a special couple!

Beautiful wedding. I enjoyed watching your video. Tracy now I now why you are all dress up on your picture I was thinking you got married. Anyways your sister’s wedding video is great. Carmina

the most beautifull wedding ,it was a great privilage to be part of the celebration

wonderful, beautiful, lovely, fantastic! Helen and Alex, you are a perfect couple! this video is well done.

Helen and Alex, this was the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to. Not just for the amazing decor and ambience, which were truly breathtaking, but because of the two of you and your families. May you both have many, many happy years ahead.

What an honor to have been a part of this special day! I am blessed to know your family! The video captures the essense of you and Alex, a fairy tale wedding for two people who are out of this world wonderful!

Helen/Alex, what a gorgeous wedding. Big congratulations, and I love happy “beginnings”. I don’t know of too many people with your compassion and caringness, the 2 of you truly deserve better times ahead.

C’est magnifique et beau l’amour… What a beautiful celebration. You are ready for the festival of Cannes:-) The movie is a great addition to all the other memories around the wedding. Professional from A to Z. Very good taste. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your happiness with us again. You are both very special. All my blessings for a great fulfilling life ahead.

So wonderful to be part of this happy celebration. Everything was beautiful……still touches my heart watching it on this video.

Wow! What an absolutely beautiful wedding and what a beauitul video! What a nice keepsake to have of your wedding day. This is certainly the best wedding production we have ever seen. Thanks for sharing. May your life together be as wonderful as your wedding day was!

This is one of the best weddings i’ve been to, and the video truly captures the beauty of this occasion.

Most beautiful wedding I have ever seen..it brought tears to my eyes. The video is one of a kind!

Lovely! Helen, you and Alex have done it right. Now, make it last a lifetime. John


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