Ok… so I don’t normally do this! I edited a quick recap of this wedding we shot on Tuesday at the Palmilla in Cabo. I had a day off after shooting four days in a row in three different cities (and two countries LOL) and was very restless. I also arrived at the airport yesterday 5 HOURS EARLY (long story) and without internet there, I had to entertain myself. Since we shot the wedding on the EX1’s the footage was easily accessible. I grabbed the CD that Michel & Jay had put in our really cool welcome bag and picked a song from there. This definitely is just a summary AND a quick edit – so much more to this wedding – it was such a great day! Just wanted to share this real fast :) We shot with Victor Sizemore. Check out the shots on his blog!

Elysium Productions: Stylish & Contemporary Wedding Video in Orange County and Beyond!


Hi! I wanted to view this video and it’s not playing – are you able to repost?

oooo Can we please get more from this wedding? it’s sooo beautiful!!

WOW!!! I love it! I’m at work and all the nurses are crying with me. So beautiful!! Congratulations again! xoxo

Fantastic photos! Wish we could have been there, but “pictures are worth a 1000 words”.

Someone needs to stop me. I cant get anything done because all I do is watch this video. ELYSIUM ROCKS!

Elysium Productions you did an incredible job at capturing my sisters wedding… I want to see more!!! You really put it all together so well along with the song. I’m happy to share it with all of my friends and be able to look back and feel like I’m in paradise again.

This is BEAUTIFUL Michel and Jay!! I wish I was there but this def takes you there with you both!! Congrats!!

Seriously Julie, I cant stop watching this!!! You are incredible and I appreciate you so much for doing this quick edit for us. It really makes me cry and smile, cry and smile, LOVE IT!!!!!! I feel like I am there and doing it all over again! I cant wait to see when Jay vows to take care of me in hell! Ha! Thanks again for this lovely gift!

Mrs. Jay Fernando Krymis: WOW! For once in my life I am lost for words! Absoulutely beautiful!!!!! Julie and Alex I cant thank you enough for capturing the true beauty and feeling behind our wedding. You guys are the best!! GRACIAS! GRACIAS! GRACIAS! xo

To be able to share such a wonderful experience with the people closes to Michel and Jay was amazing and now to see it come together on this video is very very special. It was less then a year ago I came across impressive Elysium and am I glad I did bravo Elysium brilliant

wish i were there!!!!

Oh, my gosh! I just cried all over again!


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