Melinda is a fellow videographer and a very good friend. Some of you might recognize her because every once in a awhile when she’s not filming her own events, she helps us out at weddings. Ever since I have known her, Melinda has always been on the lookout for that special someone. No one ever quite met her expectations and I always thought she was being too picky. I would always say things like “give the guy a chance why don’t ya!!” but then she met Rex and let me tell you, things changed. Melinda & I were part of the all female video crew that shot a wedding in Qatar last December. All I heard during the 16 hour or so flight was “Rex this, and Rex that” and I swear she practically had googly eyes!!! I knew she had found THE ONE. The perfect match for her.

On the wedding day, it was hard to hold back the emotions while seeing someone so close to me get married. It ended up being an absolute beautiful day in San Clemente. I couldn’t believe how they lucked out with the weather as the big storm moved in yesterday! Melinda had planned the whole event and as she’s more of a tom boy than a girly girl, I was a bit skeptical about how it would turn out. Little did I know, Melinda has some serious talent as an event designer because everything from the linens to the caterer (24 Carrot) were top notch. My favorite element was the cake topper that she had made of her and Rex and their beloved dogs. I have to find out the company and will post their details here!

On a side note, I wanted to mention the amazing photographer we worked with: Mark Brooke. Of course Rex being a professional photographer, they were quite picky about who they hired to document their day in photos. Mark’s photos were absolutely beautiful and stay tuned to his blog where I’m sure they’ll be posted soon.

Below is the Same Day Edit that we did for them. Kyle had a great time editing it. Special thanks to Cathy for helping us shoot!!

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Julie, Alex, Cathy and Kyle….WOW, WOW, WOW! What can we say. It was so cool to have the ALL-STAR team at our wedding. It’s a tough job to impress someone who’s in the business and is already so familiar with your work, but Rex and I have watched this so many times since you posted it and we can’t get enough. You know, the best decision we made was switching our wedding from Saturday to Sunday so we could make sure you guys were there to capture it all! Thank you, thank, thank you. We love you guys!


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