Yes! It’s that time of year when we post one video every weekday! Here’s the first:

This was a party hosted by Wildflower Linen & Chameleon Chair Collection to celebrate with guests attending The Special Event Show in San Diego. It was held at a new venue (which has quickly become one of our very fav’s… excited to be working there later this year) called The Grand Del Mar. Any brides reading this… be sure to check it out! They provided an Epicurean Menu which was seriously off the hook! enjoy this short vid!

Other awesome vendors involved:

Planner: Carolyn Chen
Photographer: Aaron Delesie
Floral Artist: Kathy Wright & Co
Invitations and Scrolls: Paper Girl
Furniture & Decor Art: Rrivre Works
Lighting: Lighten Up
Calligraphy: Lettering by Leslie

Elysium Productions: Contemporary & Stylish Wedding Video in Orange County & Beyond!


Ahhhh, I see now…Thanks for explaining……… Love all the frequent new posts and your work is A+. Keep it up! :)

What is this song? Wonderful work!

Hi Ellen! This video is really short so I encoded it at a very high bit-rate for a superior looking video online. The best thing to do is press play, then pause and let it load completely before viewing which shouldn’t take long at all. Then once you press play it will play all the way through without stopping :)

Why do the videos keep freezing. VERY FRUSTRATING


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