Chanel-inspired.  Pretty rad right?  This was Wina & Jimmy’s request for their wedding and I can definitely say that through the collaboration of Carolyn Chen of  The Special Day and Ed Libby, the couple’s dream wedding became a reality.  It was uber gorgeous… and I loved the black chandeliers!  Check out their Same Day Edit.  And yes… the slo-mo shots were filmed with our new Sony  FS700 which can film at 240 fps in full HD.  That’s techie terminology for awesome :)

Venue:  Langham Pasadena
Wedding Coordinator:  Carolyn Chen
Designer: Ed Libby
Photographer: Ira Lippke
Cinematography: Elysium Productions


Laura really itenrested to hear you had a bad meal and I very surprised they agree to seat you in the hotel’s dining room. When we went it was a clearly limited space offer. If you couldn’t be seated in Palm Court itself you weren’t able to squeeze in elsewhere (on the basis, I presume, that half of the experience is the room itself).I haven’t been to the Dorchester yet and will give that a go later this month I think. As for Claridges I have had too many acceptable but not outstanding meals in the restaurant to give them money elsewhere. Sketch I haven’t been since the year it opened but it must be worth a revisit now.I hope your next cream tea is more enjoyable!


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