Let the blog marathon begin!  I can’t believe I have not shared this wedding yet.  Carolyn Chen helped plan an amazing event for Mona & Vince at the Langham Pasadena in September.  I especially loved the ombre pattern and cultural traditions included.  Check out their SDE… but before you do, here is more about this awesome couple from the bride:

“Vince and I met in 2003 while attending church in St. Louis while we were there for graduate schools. He was a second year medical student at Washington University in St. Louis and I a first year law student at the same school. We actually only met a handful of times back then because I ended up not attending that church anymore. But the few times I remember of meeting him, I remember somewhat geeky Vince with his med student geek eye glasses, I remember looking at him through that and thinking ‘wow this guy is really genuine and sincere. I hope I can get to know him better.’ Unfortunately I didn’t get that chance then. We met again in 2011 through a friend’s facebook page. We added each other as friends (though “friend” would be an over statement at this point, more acquaintance) and soon after Vince sent me a message through facebook. I thought it was a short hello thing but we kept on messaging back and forth and I was very confused by the end. He was still in Ohio and I was in NJ so where is this going anyway? In my effort to wrap up the never ending facebook message marathon, I closed my message saying ‘give me a call when you’re in nyc or something’. To my surprise, he responded: “actually i’m going there in a couple of weeks lets meet up” So that’s how we met for the first time in 8 years, almost strangers but not quite, for dinner that was maybe a date or maybe just catching up – TBD. That night we had dinner and drinks and just talked until 2am on a Monday night. Then we met up again for drinks the next night and talked until 3am. The next day he left for Ohio to pack up to move to St. Louis but we stayed on the phone every night talking about everything until 4am and 5am and 6am, an hour longer each night. I’m not much of a phone person so it’s kind of a big deal that I was actually able and willing to do this. We soon began a long distance relationship knowing it would be difficult but also knowing that it would be worth it. “

And the amazing team:

Wedding Planner:  Carolyn Chen
Venue: Langham Pasadena
Floral Designer: Nisie’s Enchanted Florist
Photographer: Marisa Holmes


Wow! Video you shared is really wonderful. Great Work.


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