Hello and howdy!  The Elysium blog is BACK and better than ever!!  So excited to be back to posting.  Check back often because we have a STACK of vids to blog!!

So here’s the first.  Remember Ting & Che’s awesome Same Day Edit?  Well here is their full wedding film from the Langham, Pasadena.  It is definitely “Twilight” inspired.  Carolyn Chen was the awesome wedding planner who made this wedding not only beautiful, but easy for us and Victor Sizemore (the fab photog) to get great shots.  Timing is everything and she does a great job keeping everything running on time and leaving the bride totally stress free.  Nisie’s Enchanted Florist provided the gorgeous floral decor & design.

Check out their Arthouse Feature Film.  Remember, it’s always best to press play then pause and let the film load before viewing!


Of course Julie! I had so much fun I’m looking for another reason to throw a wedding! Post wedding life is so boring. haha!
BTW< so glad we got the shout out booth. It showed us who to thank for the large bar tab. We got some really funny , crazy messages from our friends and family who obviously had too much to drink. I play it every chance I get during our gatherings to embarrass them. Everyone gets a great laugh out of it. Great Times! Thanks for everything!

Yay so glad Ting! Keep in touch ok? And hi to Che!

[…] can also see it here on their blog and see all the other amazing videos they produce. This entry was posted in Real […]

Thanks Julie! The video is awesome! The day went by so quick and now I get to set back at home and watch it happen over and over again. Such awesome memories for years to come.


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