Well, if you are a fan of our Rock ‘n Roll SAME DAY EDITS, then I don’t want to leave you hangin… here’s another AMAZING ONE for you to view!!  Ella and Sam were married this past Saturday at the Langham, Pasadena.  They had a “Movie Awards” themed wedding so it only made sense that they would make themselves and their wedding party into total rock stars on the wedding day!  When the couple picked the song I was literally jumping out of my seat!!!!!

So when you’re watching this, you’re probably wondering how the video turned out so great when we had only 8 hours to film and edit it?? Well it took some planning on my part to watch the music video and pre-produce the graphics, etc.  but it was mainly because we had an awesome wedding coordinator working with us (Carolyn Chen of the Special Day) who made sure that we had enough time to get our “takes” (including one right after the ceremony with the guests participating) and even helped us figure out the best locations, etc.  She even hooked us up with the photo-booth company who got us the “step-and-repeat” photos to include in the edit!

Ella and Sam… what can I say…  You guys seriously rocked it and so did your crew!!!  Congratulations!!


Wondering how can I watch this? Thanks! :)

Hi, I was wondering how one can see this video you are raving about!

This is genius! I can’t imagine how much coordination it took to get this done. Fantastic!!

I love this! It made me get up & dance 4x in a row! Just fab!

LOL. I meant the video. not you

Dammmm…sam.lookin hot!


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