Such great video, very inspiring. Great job!!

Beautiful–looks like it was quite a fete. Thanks for sharing!! M

Great job, beautiful wedding, we love you guys…….too!

precious day of my life …to see my baby ..the most beautiful bride ever..wish u a lot of happiness .

Beautiful video for a beautiful couple. Paula

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Amazing video!!!!

Wonderful classy wedding Dina, you were so beautiful, both of you match each other perfectly, we wish you happiness all your days.

beautiful wedding. congrats!

Such a great video!! There are sooo many awesome moments!! It was so fun to watch!

I’m left speechless. SOOO BEAUTIFUL & PERFECT!! xoxo

I’ve watched a lot of wedding videos but none of them have been this exciting. So fun to watch it and makes me happy all over again! Love you guys!

Beautiful wedding + beautiful couple = beautiful video.

Ah, how beautiful. Leaves you totally speechless.

Such beautiful music set to a such a beautiful day.. brings tears to my eyes! Love you both

Great job Elysium! Absolutely beautiful wedding video Dina! Loved watching it !

Love this! seeing the moments we didn’t catch!

What a beautiful day- Dina this brought tears to my eyes, so touching. Love the song choices!!! Glad you went with Elysyum!!

beautiful wedding! beautiful girl! xxoo

You guys look so happy. Dina you looked amazing. I love your dress. Great video and congratulations again.


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