OK so here’s the deal. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more active. I’m going to sign up for golf lessons at the Saddleback CC (to FINALLY use the clubs that Alex gave me like 3 years ago) but I’d also love to get an Adult Kickball team up and running in South OC! A couple of my high school friends are on a team in Denver and it sounds like so much fun! Mainly because it’s a flash-back to Elementary School, and it really doesn’t take THAT much athleticism to play. (If I can play, ANYONE can play!) But most of all… it’s just a huge party. After every game, everyone heads to the bar. So it’s half game, half socializing! I just think it would be a blast! Anyway, I emailed the organization about a team, and they said that we would have to start a new league in South O.C. And to do that we’d need 64 people. So I’m throwing it out there… I think we could get DOUBLE that amount of people and have a super fun league. So who would be interested in finding out more details? I can guarantee you one thing… the games wouldn’t be on weekends!! Probably a weekday night. I also don’t know the cost yet, but Wedding Life is going to help sponsor if we get it together. So who’s interested?


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