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Below you will find a handful of wedding videos (hint… scroll down to see them all!). These are all real weddings, with real couples, and each one took place at the stunning Kestrel Park.
We hope these videos can provide you with loads of indispensable inspiration.

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From the groom... "Sophomore year at the University of Michigan I went down to my friend, David Frankel’s room (a groomsman) in the fraternity where he was watching a Pittsburgh Penguins game with a couple of other Yinzers (a loving term for people from Pittsburgh). I thought one of them was pretty cute, so I took the bold step of adding her on Facebook. Little did I know… Our paths didn’t really cross again until the annual senior year greek life trip to Las Vegas. All 300 or so of us were at a nightclub, Tao, and I was at a table with my friends, including Frankel. Sarah texted him to see where he was and she came by to hang out with us all, and she and I hit it off. The night ended at a blackjack table at the MGM where I asked her to keep my chips so I did not gamble them away, and though she failed at that task, we had fun flirting before we both went our separate ways. The next weekend back in Ann Arbor, my friend Tad and I were trying to go to Skeeps (a bar) but the line was too long. This was hugely disappointing because I’d seen Sarah in line, but we chatted briefly and I told her I was going to Rick’s, another (the other) bar in Ann Arbor. Later than night, we found ourselves chatting at Rick’s and I asked her if she wanted a drink. She did, so I ordered a new drink (the infamous Rick’s Mindprobe), and like a true gentleman, passed Sarah my half-finished drink and kept the new one for myself. We still laugh about this moment because this would never fly if we were dating out of college, but as a poor college student, Sarah was very excited for a free drink, even if it was half consumed. A sorority on campus was holding a late-night grilled cheese fundraiser that Sarah wanted to go to (obviously, who doesn’t want grilled cheese at 1 am after the bar?!), and I agreed to go with her, but we needed to get a sweatshirt first because it was cold. She kept the sweatshirt, which gave me an excuse to see her again as I tried to get it back, so I used the opportunity to ask her to an upcoming date party. From then on, Sarah and I were pretty much inseparable through graduation. Three years of long-distance that followed (her in SF, me in Chicago) didn’t deter us as we visited each other every month or so, we took trips down the CA-1, to London, and to Peru together. In 2015, Sarah got a promotion which allowed her to move to Chicago and we moved into our first apartment together. We lived in Chicago for 2 years before moving to New York City so I could begin business school. We’ve now been in New York City for 2 years and plan on living there for the near future."

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Kestrel Park Weddings Filmed by Elysium Productions