Whoa… two posts this week! Maybe I’ll make it three tomorrow! So seriously excited to share this wedding with you all. Jessica & Jonathan’s destination wedding in Martha’s Vineyard was so awesome for so many reasons. The weather on the wedding day was SPECTACULAR (missing hurricane weather by literally one day), the venue was BEYOND AMAZING, and the bride and groom were some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. It was a dream wedding. That is for sure. Super excited to head back to Martha’s Vineyard in June for another destination wedding. Stay tuned for that! Anyway, please take a look at Jessica & Jonathan’s full wedding film. It’s an Arthouse Feature so it’s about 20 minutes in length. Be sure to let it load completely before viewing. The dancing in this one is off the hook. Their crowd really knew how to party!

If you don’t have time to watch their full film, definitely watch their highlights which was featured on one of our favorite blogs ever… Green Wedding Shoes!


I just watched your video and your wedding looks amazing. My Fiance and I are planning a wedding in the vineyard as my soon to be in laws live in the Vineyard. I was wondering if I could send you an e-mail to ask you some questions as I love the venue of where you got married. Was it at the Beach Plum Inn?


My cousin asked whether Vineyard weddings were formal or informal, so I googled you two in hopes of finding a photo–and instead found this amazing film. We loved every minute and it brought us back to that wonderful day when you were married. You were beautiful, the place was beautiful, the words were beautiful. What a terrific video! Lots of love, Mitch and Marsha

Your video is AMAZING! We were glued to it and obsessed
with it….you both looked so beautiful and so were your words and sentiments about each other. I felt that I was reliving every
moment and more of your exquisite and poetic wedding/ceremony; it was so touching.

Thank you for sending the video to us; we’ll be viewing it
frequently. It captured every lovely, touching moment and lots
of serious partying! Loved the 2 of you dancing and your expressions of love. Hugs and kisses, Shirley & Jim

Thank you soooo much, Julie!! I am blown away by the video and so thrilled with the outcome. It takes me right back to that amazing day and I feel like I’m reliving it! Looking forward to seeing you guys again in June! You guys were amazing that weekend and the video is unbelievable!! xoxo

gorg!! dying to do a wedding there! take me with you! :) xoxoxo


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