Today I’m in the studio working on our new demo (which is WAYYYYY overdue) and I came across this clip while looking through about three year’s worth of footage. It just reminded me that THIS is why we do what we do. Yes, playing with all the really cool gear and being artistic is fun, but what is most rewarding is capturing moments that will be treasured forever by our couples. It’s not just about the pretty shots… it’s about the people and the moments they create. This is from a wedding a few years ago and even though it’s a 4:3 Standard Def clip, you’ll see why it is so priceless…

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yep. priceless. period.

You are so right Julie! That made me cry! Talk about capturing a special moment!

Incredibly touching. If there is ever a day for magic to happen, it’s at a wedding. Thank you for posting this!


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