Happy Thursday! I would love to introduce Sophia, our guest blogger today. Sophia and Denby’s wedding celebration was filled with tons of friends, family, and culture. Their pink color scheme was incorporated throughout the entire wedding; evident in Sophia’s second dress change!

My husband Denby and I met back in 2000 in college through mutual friends. A few months later, we ran into each other at a rave and spent the entire night talking because we were just glad there was a familiar face. A few months after that, we started to spend more time together at school and outside of it as well. We slowly fell in love and spent nearly every waking moment together. If one was working, the other would go there and hang out. After 7 years, Denby was going to propose on a cruise that we planned to take with my cousin and her husband, but since my mom sort of ruined the surprise, he had to change his plans. He got me off work early the night before the cruise and took me to dinner. After dinner he said he was taking me to look at a really nice house in Pasadena but actually took me to the Langham Hotel. He proposed on their famous Picture Bridge and after saying yes, he took me to our room, where he decorated the room with rose petals and candles. There was a bubble bath waiting for me, along with sparkling wine and fresh cut strawberries.

After Denby and I got engaged and decided to take our engagement photos in Taiwan, we started to worry about all the other stuff that needed to be done: flowers, music, attire, etc. Our first priority was to find a coordinator and luckily I came across Carolyn Chen from The Special Day. After meeting with her, we decided to book her even without meeting with other coordinators. It helped a lot that she spoke Chinese because our parents do not speak a lot of English. Carolyn helped us choose most of vendors because she has worked with them before and trusted their work. Planning came easy after that because Carolyn was able to tie up all our loose ends into a pretty bow. I have always loved pink and Japanese Cherry Blossom flowers so this was the perfect time to bring all of that together.

Since Carolyn had worked with Elysium Productions before, it was easy for us to understand how important it was to have the best of the best for everything in our wedding. We saw a video for the Arthouse Edit and loved it. We loved how it looked like a movie, instead what we’ve seen in the past, which was hours of unedited footage with all the background noise. We wanted our friends and family to experience something that they’ve never experienced before, and since we are one of the first to get married, it was easy to set the standard. Everything about our wedding was modern and fresh, and Elysium captured it in a way that will allow our friends, family and us to enjoy it for years to come.

Since I only had less than 4 hours of sleep in the 2 days before the wedding, wedding day was nearly a blur. In a way, we were glad that our final day has finally come so that we could sleep and not think of payment due dates, schedules, and anything wedding. Our eyes were open and seemed to comprehend everything but both of us were really sleeping under that, haha. We followed Carolyn’s timeline even though we didn’t know it well. We didn’t get to eat most of our meal but that was expected. My favorite memory of the day was when I pulled Denby into the photo booth so we could take some pictures together. We went in there twice because I had 2 different dresses. It was the only part of our day where we had to ourselves with no one around, even if it was only minutes at a time. The wedding looked and felt better than I expected. Everything and everyone I loved were all in one area; the pink, the cherry blossoms, the friends, and the family, even the family who came from other countries. Like I said before, Carolyn pulled all the strings together and made it into a pretty bow. Everything ran smoothly and couldn’t have been more perfect.

Tips for future brides: Find out how much you can afford to put into the wedding. If parents are helping to pay for it, make sure you guys agree on who gets to make the decisions and whether or not whose money it belongs to will affect that decision or not. Choose your wedding party wisely. Just because she is your best friend, she may not be the most qualified because she may be unreliable, irresponsible, or just may not have the funds to help with events. Choose your guest list wisely as well. I’d like to say that everyone I invited to the wedding are going to be people that I will continue to keep in contact with, but that is not always the case. And lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. I didn’t want to burden anyone and by doing that, we hardly had any sleep the week of the wedding. We were bickering with each other because we were tired, irritated and frustrated.


Elysium Productions: Contemporary & Stylish Wedding Video in Orange County and Beyond!


Venue: Hyatt Huntington Beach
Wedding Coordinator: The Special Day
Photographer: Travis Hoehne Photography
Event Filmmaker: Elysium Productions
DJ/Lighting: Honored Occasions
Photobooth/Projector: Cheesy Photobooths
Linen: Wildflower Linen
Chairs: Chiavari Chairs 4 Rent
Flowers: Fragrant Flowers in San Gabriel, CA


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awesome video. what a beautiful wedding. congrats!

What a beautiful wedding! I made my mom watch it too!

Great video, great day, great moment!

i know the best man! he asked me out!

congrats. what an awesome video.

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i was too drunk to really see all the details you put into the wedding. the video really showed what i missed.

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what a beautiful wedding. congrats!

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the groom looked very happy. at least he wasn’t bored! lol

i love all the songs you chose. it wasn’t boring like some weddings i go to.

i like the pink color you chose. beautiful!

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what a fun day. i will never forget this wedding.

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what a beautiful wedding!

enjoyed this video! Beautiful wedding and happy i was there! Lots of beautiful shots and love the music. Congrats to you and denby
again! <3 nancy

This video really makes you want to have a videographer at your future wedding! A complaint I hear often from newlyweds is that their
wedding day goes by so fast, and they’re too busy to stop and take everything in. This video really captures all those details and moments for
them. Awesome job, Elysium Productions! And congrats again Sophia and Denby! Your wedding was beautiful!

It was a beautiful and special day! Thank you for inviting us, we had a blast! And great job on this video!

amazing amazing video! congrads! love u both!

it looks great ! that was a real american wedding, I’ve never seen any wedding like that =) and the video is great, too ! Toutes mes
félicitations !

the best man is so hot! hook me up! beautiful wedding!

the wedding was spectacular! good job guys!

awesome!!! you guys make me wanna get married.

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loved the video! very impressed!

congrats auntie. i love u

giraffe?! i don’t get it.

that was a great video! the wedding looked spectacular! congrats again!!

My favorite part was when the giraffe showed up

Aww that was really beautiful, looked like denby wanted to cry when Kevin was giving his speech. I wanted to cry watching it. (and look at
the giraffe)

I miss you guys so much. So sweet to see you guys finally got married. Really wish i could have been at the ceremony….remember to look for me if you guys shall ever to come Asia again, ok…….=) Wishing you guys nothing but the best in the future and have alot of little Lau’s running around..hehe =)

Great video of the whole day! Great smile shots of those straight teeth! See you all soon hopefully.

aww that was cute. :) loved hannahs speech. and its almost beeeeeeen a year! keep it going.

It was a beautiful pink wedding for the greatest couple. The video is absolutely stunning from start to finish. All the little details from the choice of flowers to the gorgeous wedding dress and even the boys’ pink socks are captured in the video. I’m so happy for both of you!!

Awww the video made me cry! I can’t believe its almost been a year. Thank you both for having me be a part of your special day :) Love you both!

Wow, what an absolutely gorgeous wedding! Although I wasn’t able to attend, the video does an exceptional job of capturing the emotion of the both the bride, groom and the rest of the bridal party. I was particularly impressed by the selection of music chosen to match each respective scene and the timing of the editing. Undoubtedly this video will be enjoyed by the couple as well as the families for years to come. Cheers to the video production team and again, congratulations to both Sophia and Denby…may your life together be one filled with Love, Success and Happiness

what a beautiful wedding. so perfect.


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