For the last three years, Event DV magazine (which is our industry’s top publication) has put out a list of the Top 25 most influential event videographers in the world. It is always announced during the 4evergroup convention (which is why we are in FL right now. Alex and I will both be speaking here later this week). For some reason, we made that list this year! No really, it is a huge honor because the members of the list are voted in by our peers… other videographers in the business. What an incredible honor! The magazine adopts a baseball theme for this and always puts out baseball cards w/each members stats, etc. The only thing that is screwy is that they wouldn’t let our whole company be represented on the card, etc. because most companies are just one or two people and our whole company’s picture “wouldn’t fit”. Oh well. I have a VERY VERY VERY sloppy video of the little spiel that they said about us. All this attention feels quite uncomfortable… especially after we won NINE awards last night (including the top honor of Best In Show!!) Crazy!! (but more about that tomorrow!) Don’t forget to watch “Real Housewives of OC” tonight… and check out what’s coming: www.lauriwaring.com




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