Well, can you tell I’m trying to be a bit more creative with my titles? I swear I never thought those English classes through High School & College would ever come in handy… wish I would have paid attention a bit more :(

Anyway… I can’t wait to share this Arthouse Edit! Hilary & David had a lovely wedding at one of the most unique venues we shoot at: La Venta Inn. It probably has the best view out of all of ’em! I always try to get there just a bit early to enjoy the view and to watch the planes take off from LAX. The delightful Chenin Boutwell was my partner in crime on this day and together we got some amazing stuff! See her pics here. Congrats guys!!

oh and as usual, the best way to view this film is to press play, then immediately press pause. Let it load all the way and THEN view! ahhhh…. the internet :)

Elysium Productions: Stylish & Contemporary Wedding Video in Orange County and Beyond!


Truly, having a wedding video is more wonderful than having photos; however, photos are also important. However, the advantage of having a wedding video is you can watch it as the years pass by together with the one you gave your vows on that day. Such a beautiful wonderful video just like to the CinchWedding that I visited before. It will truly bring back memories. Thanks for sharing this video Julie.

Thanks so much Elysium! Truly we are blown away by the video. Our memories of that day are pretty golden already, but the video is even more fantastic. And we love all the little details that you caught! We will cherish watching this for years to come :)


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