Ok… so it’s August and I realize I’m getting to the point where I’m only posting on the blog once or twice a week! The phone is ringing off the hook and on top of that, it’s right smack in the middle of our big wedding season! So I apologize. I really do want to have a video marathon, but I think it will have to wait until later this year. So for awhile, I will be posting random weddings along w/newly completed ones (and Same Day Edits, etc) as well as recent press. So enjoy!

This is video is from a wedding we did last year at one of our very favorite venues… Rancho Las Lomas! We are honored to be referred by this venue… this is a pic of their beautiful preferred vendors book:

If you are newly engaged and looking for a beautiful yet unique venue, you have to check out this place!! Anyway, here’s the video. Oh and I don’t want to forget: the photographer was Amy Squires who is always a TOTAL BLAST to work with!


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