I am SOOO excited to share this film!!  First of all, I love love love weddings.  And even though I don’t have kids of my own, I sure do love children too.  In fact, I have a Masters in Education!  Can you believe that? I taught elementary for a few years before I decided I needed to do something CREATIVE.  Teaching was definitely not for me, but I was thrilled when Carolyn Chen (fabulous wedding & party planner) called me about doing a “Year One” film for Mr. Henry Park — who turned ONE a couple of weeks ago.  And of course… I was super excited.  Especially because Henry’s parents are two of my favorite people… Emily & John.  (You might remember their Same Day Edit and Wedding Film (email for password) from the St. Regis Princeville, Kaua’i.)

So check out this film.  It was shown at Henry’s 1st Birthday Party.  I can only imagine what a treasure this will be as he grows up.  Who knows… maybe we will do a Year Two film?  Can you imagine yearly recap films?  As kids get older it would just get more interesting!  Their accomplishments of the year, funny things they’ve said, new personality traits, friends, skills, etc. etc!  OK I’m getting ahead of myself.  Check out this film!


love love love this video!

Love the video. You really captured Henry’s personality (and in high-def footage too!) I’m sure this video will be cherished for many years to come!


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