Of course Hawaii weddings are always super pretty (I mean how can they not be… let’s be real) but this one is super glam!  Anise & Dane decked out Haiku Mill to create a super elegant event.  Check out the chic chandeliers and beachwood, mixed with Jenga and even a tea party for the little girls!  There were so many details at this wedding that it was an eye candy fest for sure!

On top of that, Anise & Dane are a totally fun couple and they spent their day celebrating with their friends and family’s company…  just the way it should be.  Enjoy their highlights!


Venue: Haiku Mill
Photographer: Tamiz Photography
Cinematography: Elysium Productions
Wedding Planner: Robin I’aea
Floral Designer: Yvonne Design
Hair: Salon 253
Makeup: Jessica Waite



The music for this video is very lovely! Who is the singer and what is the title of the song?

It was so beautiful!! Such a fun wedding!!

Best wedding video I have seen ever. Beautiful. Loved it.

Loved reliviing every moment!

Amazing! I have no other words to describe this… Simply amazing.

I was so thankful to be a part of this gorgeous wedding for two amazon people! This video beings backs such joyful memories of that day!

Just stunning! You did an amazing job! I can’t imagine what the full video will look like! These highlights already brought back so many memories…you really captured so many special things :)


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