Hello to all our loyal blog readers! Today you might have seen the Highlights from Stephanie & Mike’s gorgeous wedding in Italy on the front page of Style Me Pretty. This amazing couple hired us to for our all inclusive destination wedding option which included several days of shooting (of all their pre-wedding events) and allowed us to get a TON of b-roll all around Florence. It was super amazing, and so is this couple. I feel like we are family now!

I share two things in common with this couple: ONE: I love house music and so do they! In fact they love it so much that they brought DJ Till all the way from San Diego to mix – everyone danced until the very end. It was like the castle turned into a club!! and TWO: We both have Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. The best dogs ever. However, theirs are slightly more well behaved than mine :)

Enjoy this film! It is their full film so it’s around 25 minutes. You’ll also see all the other events besides the wedding. It was such a pleasure working with Marisa Holmes (amazing photographer – also from San Diego) and their wonderful wedding coordinator Sonia Gallina! You never know what to expect with destination wedding planners but she was amazing!



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We can’t wait to see all the family in Salem in Nov. Thanks to Kathleen for argrnaing this reunion. Approximately 15 of the anticipated 185 are my close family sone from as far away as Florida! See you there. Neila

This wedding is amazing..and the video simply superb! Does anyone happen to know what dress she is wearing when the couple is walking on the street. Its the white, sweetheart neckline, and its form fitting? Please let me know I would love this dress for a civil ceremony :)

Kathleen, me too, house music RULES!

How does it feel like having a wedding on one of the well known places in the world?!

Part of why I love this video is because i also love house music! Nicole: the song at 8:28 is Kaskade “One Heart” and the song at 22:05 is Kaskade “I Remember”

Would anyone happen to know what songs were used starting at 2:30, 8:28, and 22:05? It would be great to know who the artists are. I keep repeating the video just to hear those particular three songs!

Just beautiful!

I agree with Kathleen! I’ve followed your blog for a long time and this is one of my favorite videos you’ve done. Excellent work!

Quite possibly… no, absolutely the most amazing wedding film we’ve ever seen!!! Truly astounding work!!!

thank you for such a professional video, my husband and i could not go to such a wonderful wedding, We lived the moment and the love that Stephanie and Mike in your video, Thank you! it it was absolutely beautiful

I am a huge fan of ALL of your work, but this might be one of my FAVORITES!!! Such an amazing video!!

Così bella!!!

I had so much fun capturing Stephanie and Mike’s wedding with you in Italy! The video looks absolutely amazing and makes me want to rush right back and do it all over again.


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