Planning an elopement due to Covid-19?

Our entire industry has been going through a major shift as of late and although your dream wedding plans may have changed we are all in this together. From your planning and design team to photographers, florists, videographers, and more, we are all a family. And of course, most importantly our beautiful wedding couple. The day has always been and will always be about your shared love for each other. Here at Elysium Productions, we are still here to capture lifelong memories for you. So here’s why we think an elopement is a wonderful option.

Elopements are intimate. Colloquially speaking, elopements are often thought of a marriage performed in a hurried and secretive fashion. An elopement in our eyes, technically video lens, is the most intimate wedding celebration. It’s a precious event that is shared with one’s beloved. To capture these moments on video is our dream and totally our style. We love filming those candid, heartfelt moments.

Bride and groom sunset photo session in Los Cabos, Mexico.  Elopement on the beach

Keep your elopement unique. With limited venue options, you can now be even more creative with your elopement location. How about a mountain top with breathtaking views, or an elopement on a pristine sandy beach (shoes optional of course), or in a quaint forest. Or where you had your first kiss, where you took your first road trip, the options are limitless. Wherever your special destination is, our Elysium video team packs tight and light. Plus our video style is photojournalistic which means we are unobtrusive. We’ll capture the day as it naturally unfolds which we feel creates a better story in the end.

Bride and groom sunset photo session at a winery in Napa California

Have your guest join in on your elopement, well kinda. Virtual happy hours are all the rage now! Why not a virtual elopement and stream it live! Yes, it’s certainly a different medium but with all the virtual video conferencing options at your fingertips, you can easily connect with your wedding guests and loved ones from across the country and even around the globe! Plus the peace of mind that your guests are in the comfort and safety of their home. Have a virtual first dance, a group toast, a group dance-off and so much more. Elysium can stream it, video it, and edit it! The celebration lives on!

At the end of the day, it’s about you and your loved one and we would love to be a part of it. For more information about our elopement video offerings, please contact us.